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Airport Warsaw becomes more modern


The old terminal of the Warsaw airport, which is now under reconstruction, after the completion of the work will become more modern and comfortable for passengers.

Repair works in the premises of the airport terminal will be completed in may 2015, which could then be again put into operation. The total area of the Warsaw airport after that will be 154500 square meters.

Please note: old airport terminal in Warsaw already launched.

According to the airport authority, updated the airport terminal, Warsaw will host a viewing platform and solar power.

About 80% of the roof area, that is about 7000 square meters of the old terminal will be covered with plates of solar panels. These plates can generate up to 98,95 MW/h of electricity per year. The electricity that will be produced from solar panels will melt the snow on the territory of the terminal.

As for the Skydeck, it after the upgrade will be available to all categories of passengers — now visitors to the site will deliver a lift that can be used by all passengers, including those with disabilities.

In addition, due to the completion of additional floors and the installation of a new roof will be increased area of the terminal, which, respectively, will be placed on the airport more shops, trade pavilions and cafes as well as outlets providing a variety of services.

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Date of publication: 02.02.2015

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