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Freedom of choice

Warsaw Chopin airport new halls


Located in Warsaw international Airport of Frederic Chopin became more comfortable for its occupants — on the territory of the airport has opened two business Lounges in addition to the already existing "Polonaise", "Ballads” and “Bolero”.

In honor of the works of the famous composer, whose name is called Warsaw airport, both business hall received a rather unusual names in the music — “Prelude” and “Fantasy”.

The area of the new Lounges of the International airport of Warsaw was of the order of 1000 square meters.

Business hall of “Fantasy”, an area of 470 square meters, located near the gates 36-37 at +1. Schedule his work — from 05:00 to 23:00.

Business lounge "Prelude" (500 sqm) located on the ground level of the airport near 33-35 gates. Schedule — from 06:00 to 22:00. In "Prelude" provides room for mother and child, which eats everything needed to care for children and diaper changing.

Visitors "Preludes” and “Fantasy” free Wi-Fi, magazines, Newspapers, drinks and snacks. Free access to the new business Lounges International airport. Frederic Chopin is available to all passengers of the business class and elite card holders of existing loyalty programs for frequent flying passengers from the alliances Sky Team and One World. 

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Date of publication: 15.06.2015

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