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Seychelles: exotic to the sophisticated. Part IV


Most of the restaurants in the Seychelles takes orders only until ten at night – after that time they are either closed or continue to operate until all the visitors finish dinner. Late work here, only the bars.

Kitchen and restaurants of Seychelles

The local Creole cuisine-seafood, rice, curry and coconuts. Seychelles most popular dish-fish with rice (pwason ek diri). Also worth a try there soup of sea shells Tek-Tek, steamed breadfruit, sauteed banana «Saint-Jacques" pudding coconut as kat and bananas. “showstopper” Seychelles cuisine – stew the bat.

Classic local drinks — beer "Sabry" of the tincture of lemon mint “child of petronell”, fermented coconut juice ‘the rock” and a rather strong drink “tank”, which is made from fermented sugar cane juice. Also you can always find on the Islands of the great South African and French wines, which in large quantities are imported to the Islands.

What to see in Seychelles

The main attractions in the Seychelles – mostly of natural origin. White or even pale pink sand beaches, unique nature of the tropics, rocks of colored marble, pure water and amazing underwater world. The sunsets look fantastic, and the ocean is surprisingly gentle.

The Islands definitely worth a trip to cousin island to meet with George and Georginas – a couple of old turtles. This colorful couple is often haunts of tourists, so they paid attention to them and scratched his neck.

From may to September on Bird island, which can be reached in 30 minutes by plane from Mahe, is home to about 1.5 million black terns. And still lives here local star – a giant turtle-survivor Esmeralda. She (or he) is listed in the Guinness book of records as the largest turtle in the world.

On the island of Curieuse, you can observe a large colony of giant tortoises and admire the dense thickets of tropical plants. By the way, this island is also a national marine Park.

Just 15 kilometres from Praslin is the island of Aride, which is the main “the gathering place” for the sea birds of the region. Also, this island-the only place on the planet where you can see the lemon tree.

National marine Park of SV. Anna is located on six small Islands. Tour start with a boat ride with a transparent bottom, through which tourists can observe underwater life of coral reefs. Next, the path goes on Moyen island, private estate of a certain Mr. Grimshaw. Grimshaw for a long time living on this island, but still trying to find the pirate treasure supposedly once hidden here. You will be able to explore the island to see the historic ruins and pirate graves, and even to find the same treasure.

Night life in the Seychelles

Lovers of nightlife may be disappointed: all local activities in the Seychelles are represented by several discos and a casino. Casino on Mahe island just three, and on Praslin-one, nightlife is very limited and often quite boring. But throughout the year on the Islands runs a lot of different festivals and sporting events, the most famous among them – the Festival of Creole culture and a Great Regatta.

Surfing in the Seychelles

For surfing the best spots in Seychelles-Mahe and Praslin. The beach of Grand Anse, on the North-West of Mahé, the most popular among surfers-the waves here can reach two meters. From other beaches of Mahe suitable for surfing Anse Bougainville and Beau-Vallon. The period from November to April – best season for surfing in the Seychelles.

Fishing in the Seychelles

For experienced fishermen Seychelles – it is just Paradise on earth. Here you can catch Barracuda, tiger shark, Mako shark and tuna. But the most coveted trophy for every fan of fishing in the tropics – blue blue Marlin or swordfish. The weight of this treasured fish can reach and even exceed 400 kg.

If you want to try your luck, fishing is better to go early in the morning to catch some small fish for bait. The best period for fishing in Seychelles – from October to April.


Date of publication: 25.12.2013