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Freedom of choice

30 tips for air travelers

What you need to know to air travelers?

To make your journey comfortable and enjoyable, you not only buy a ticket for a flight from nice carrier, but also to foresee all the nuances that may arise during the trip.

Service ticket sales Online Tikets have prepared for you a list of what you need to know for the most convenient and safe trip. Tips from experienced travelers will help you quickly and easily prepare for the flight.

So, what you need to know to travel?

1. to book your ticket at the best price, order it is not less than six months before departure. Of course, there's always a chance that a few days before your flight you will be able to buy a ticket at a very good price, but the probability of such a chance many times less than when booking in advance.

2. Even if you plan a flight with a budget airline flight, you should definitely look at similar offerings from other carriers – with absolutely the same price offers packages to the ticket can vary widely. For example, for the same cost you can offer free transportation of additional Luggage or sport equipment that'll end up more profitable.

3. If you plan a flight there and back, be sure to compare the ticket price when ordering separately and from both sides – sometimes it may differ significantly. By using the online ticketing service is very easy to do and quickly – spending a few minutes, you will be able to choose the best option and buy an electronic ticket at a good price.

4. here is a list of services offered by the carrier – some airlines charge additional fees for choice seat, the booking service by telephone, on-Board food and more.

5. If you have any special menu for the flight, it is necessary to specify not less than a day before departure. If you are satisfied with the regular menu, to indicate this is not required.

6. If during the flight you will want to buy something from the food, in addition to the food included in your ticket, remember that you can pay on Board by credit card only, not cash.

7. to reduce the time which is usually spent on security checks when entering the airport, before passing through the clear and remove from the pockets of all metal objects-watch, keys, cell phone and gadgets. Simply putting these things in advance in the bag, you will save a lot of time. Passport and ticket always keep at hand.

8. come To the airport with good time to spare. In every airport there are fixed requirements on the time of arrival of the passenger check in and boarding. This is usually from 30 minutes to an hour on domestic flights and from 1.5 to 3 hours for international departures. Usually the minimum time for which the passenger shall arrive at check-in one hour before departure.

9. the gates come at least 15-20 minutes before departure. It is better to clarify the rules of the airline you plan to fly – its formal requirements may provide for a different time, and in case of violation of these rules the airline can deny you boarding the plane without any compensation.

10. After you check in you will need to go through a second security control. Prepare documents (passport and ticket), and remove all metal objects. At this stage of the checks you will have to remove outer clothing, shoes and belt, if it has a metal buckle.

11. At the airport you only need your ticket (printout, if you decide to buy electronic air ticket) and passport. On international flights you will be required to show a passport, on the inside – civil.

When you submit during registration, a lot of papers to the airport staff, he has to shuffle through them to find those two documents, so care about saving time and initially provide only what is required.

12. Remember that in the sterile area of the airport you can't take liquids in excess permitted by regulation a minimum amount in special packaging. Anything that exceeds or does not match the allowed list, will be discarded.

13. At the airport usually always have wifi and sockets for charging mobile phones. But remember that at some airports, access to Wi-Fi may be applicable.

14. be Sure to pre-read the list of permitted and prohibited baggage, lest at the last moment to throw the right things.

15. Upon landing, you won't need a passport-just the ticket (printed e-ticket on the plane), so the rest of the documents at this stage you can remove.

16. If you have to Board via jet bridge, pass is one of the first – this will allow you to safely reach your seat, stow your baggage and no rush to get. When landing from the platform on the bus, on the contrary, is to go to the salon one of the last – you will be as close as possible to the exit that will exit the bus and climb into the plane one of the first.

17. examine transportation – in different cities from airport to hotel can be more profitable to get on the bus or subway. And since the metro ticket will cost much less than a taxi, you can save time and money, if you pre-select the best transportation.

18. Each airline has its own rules and requirements for the carriage of baggage and hand Luggage. The list of permitted and prohibited things, you can quickly view online by visiting the official website of the airline. Be sure to pre-read these list, weigh and measure your Luggage.

19. Airlines in addition to one piece of hand Luggage usually allow passengers to carry into the cabin also with some other items (additional list) for one unit. Usually it's a laptop, book, camera, etc. If you have a lot of expensive equipment that does not fit in baggage, you can remove the laptop and camera, to carry them in his hands.

20. If the airport staff will ask to check any of the “excess” carry-on baggage, calmly explain that the equipment is very expensive, and all questions are exhausted. Airlines easier to issue a permit for the transportation of such things in the cabin than offset the cost of damaged or stolen Luggage.

21. All valuables, jewelry, money and documents to take with you as hand Luggage – otherwise in case of damage or theft, the carrier compensates for only average amount and not the full cost of things. When booking, be sure to check in advance the norms and amount of compensation in case of loss or damage to Luggage. Find out whether you need to declare the value of things that you plan to take Luggage.

22. If your bags are fragile things that can break or crack during transportation, take the front Desk the label Fragile. It is, of course, will not give 100% guarantee of complete safety of the contents, but will provide additional protection.

26. On all Luggage and hand Luggage, be sure to attach Luggage tags with your name, surname and contact data. The same tag is put inside bags and suitcases.

24. If your bags are closed with locks, remember that airport security has the right to open such baggage.

25. Before you can takeoff and landing aircraft have to straighten the seat back, buckle up, clean up the table and bags to turn off cell phones and electronic devices. During the flight you can use laptops and cameras. A detailed list of what you can use during the flight, have the logbook, which you'll find in the pocket on the back of the chair in front of you.

26. for Those who use contact lenses, it is desirable to remove them during the flight or replace the points – on Board are always very low humidity, and you will experience discomfort.

27. When you pick up your Luggage on the carousel issue, immediately check the tag to make sure that it is your Luggage and not identical to the bags of another passenger. After you get your Luggage immediately check the contents – if at the time of detection of the loss you have already left the terminal building, the claim will not be accepted.

28. If your Luggage is lost, immediately contact the lost baggage Desk. The Registrar will record a description of the suitcase data and the address at which things are delivered.

29. the loyalty program, the air carrier must keep the ticket until the moment when the miles will be credited to the bonus account.

30. If you have not become a member of a loyalty program, you still should not discard redeemed tickets. In many airlines, by presenting this ticket, you can restore the flight segments for the period up to six months before the date of registration, which will be quite beneficial, especially if you fly often.