Freedom of choice
Freedom of choice

Advantages of e-ticket

E-tickets today – that passengers, when booking a plane ticket, can save a lot of time.

The main advantage of e-ticket in that ticket so no need to go to the ticket office or offices of the carrier – it is simple enough to print out and present to the administrator before planting.

What is e-ticket?

E-ticket, he's an e-ticket is an electronic document that certifies the contract of carriage of the passenger by the airline. That is, in fact, conventional paper ticket in an electronic form that is different from the paper-only procedure of purchase and the time it takes.

All members of the International air transport Association since 2008 are required to use these tickets, so buy an e-ticket in Ukraine today, everyone can.

If we talk about the advantages of an electronic ticket, you can transfer these basic functions

When you make a flight with e-ticket, all travel time it is advisable to carry a route sheet (i.e. printed e-ticket). This condition is not mandatory, but such a document may be asked to present representatives of the aviation security service, employees of the airport during the customs inspection or passport control in as proof of return ticket.

How to use e-ticket?

The electronic ticket can be used only by the person whose name is specified when making an application for e-ticket. For airport check-in counter, the passenger must also present a passport (a birth certificate, if the ticket is purchased for a minor child).

E-tickets, like ordinary paper, can be of different classes: business, first and economy class, so you can easily find the optimal rate, package and services.