Freedom of choice
Freedom of choice

Special offer: Zaporozhye Ч Tbilisi от $260

Cheap flights to Georgia from Ukraine — a share from Turkish Airlines in connection with the expansion of the flight program! Promo-fare for economy class travel on Zaporozhye — Tbilisi flight, the frequency of flights on the route up to 25 flights a week!

Buy tickets to Tbilisi from Zaporozhye can be from $260 (economy class flight), the indicated price include airport taxes. According to the terms of the action, the flight from Zaporozhye to Tbilisi can be booked until October 2, 2017, inclusive, the journey can be made any days until March 31, 2018, except for the period from December 25 to January 2.

To buy plane tickets to Georgia for the promotion, you can use the form to independently search for and book tickets on the Online Tickets website by reference or contact the managers at the company's physical office:


Special offer has finished

Starting date: 29.08.2017
Expiration date : 02.10.2017