Freedom of choice
Freedom of choice

Special offer: Discounts from Air Astana от $212

Discounts from Air Astana — the airline offers its passengers to smoke tickets for flights from Kiev to a number of cities in Siberia and Central Asia at promotional rates! Air flights are carried out with connections in Almaty and Astana, the declared discounts reach 50%.

The action extends to economy class flights, providing for baggage-free rates (only carry hand luggage). Winter discounts will apply when buying air tickets on December 30, 2017 inclusive for flights operated between December 15 and January 30, 2018.

The indicated cost includes fuel and airport taxes. In addition, if the duration of docking in Astana or Almaty is more than 10 hours, passengers will be able to take advantage of the special offer of the airline and book a room in a city hotel with transfers for only one dollar.

To book tickets for Air Astana flights at a discount, you can use the Online Tickets site to search for and order air tickets online, or contact our office so that the manager book flights for you for the dates of your visit.

In Online Tickets you can also book the hotel you are interested in, book transfers, car rental, insurance and other travel services for your trip.

Special offer has finished

Starting date: 19.12.2017
Expiration date : 30.12.2017