Freedom of choice
Freedom of choice

Special offer: Kiev-Prague-Kiev от 5448 грн

Promotion on tickets to Czech Republic from Czech airlines

The price of flights from Kiev to Prague and back to Kiev is including all fees total 5448 UAH. To buy tickets for flight Kiev-Prague-Kiev can be on any dates, time limit on sale do not exist.

Please note that the rate applies only to a limited number of seats in the aircraft of Czech Airlines.

To book tickets for this flight to Prague at a special price you can own, putting in the menu of selection of tickets at the top of the page, the corresponding parameters of the flight. You can also contact our managers, to execute and issue tickets Kiev — Prague Czech Airlines through the physical office of the Online Tikets. 

In addition, our visitors have access to online assistance operators. Ask a question or request a call back through the online chat located right on the website.

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Special offer has finished

Starting date: 20.04.2015
Expiration date : 31.12.2015