Freedom of choice
Freedom of choice

Special offer: Dnepropetrovsk-Amsterdam от 3645 грн

New promotion from UIA!

Discounts on air travel flight Dnepropetrovsk-Amsterdam round-trip ticket can be bought for 3645 UAH! All taxes and fees are already included in the price.

Flights on 20.01.14 on 31.03.14 (except 07.03-08.03).

Want to buy a ticket on this flight? to purchase tickets, please contact to the managers:

Marianne: icq.gif287362841      skype.gifmariannaFalkovskaya                         

Yuri:        icq.gif 648426062    skype.gif bangle1983       

Anastasia   icq.gif 646974671  skype.gif freebo3110

Tel.: (0562) 31-91-91; (050)420-20-21.telefone.gif

Special offer has finished

Starting date: 03.02.2014
Expiration date : 31.03.2014