Freedom of choice
Freedom of choice

Special offer: The jazz world от И538

Bus tour of Europe

Journey to the rhythm of jazz!

Tour without night journeys.

Duration: for 13 days.

route of the tour: Lviv -- > Hannover -- > Amsterdam -- > Brussels -- > Rouen -- > Mont Saint-Michel --> the Loire Valley --> Paris --> Prague

Want to be in the cherished corner of Poland, who bear the proud name  “Sacred flower”, to visit the Hanover – amazing castle on the water, to get acquainted with Belgian tradition, and touch the romance of the enchanting Saxon Switzerland?

A fascinating tour through Europe will give you the most vivid impressions from a trip to famous cities, castles and ancient abbeys. Every moment of this exciting journey filled with bright colors that will make your stay unforgettable!


Day 1.

“Only in Lviv…” - bus excursion around Lviv.

Moving to Krakow, Poland.

Accommodation and overnight in hotel.

Day 2.

The visit of the town of Elena góra.

Spare time.


Tour Wroclaw “the Sacred flower of Europe” (the price of the adult ticket - 30€/price of child ticket - 18€).

The trip to Saxon Switzerland, Dresden. (38€/30€).

Overnight at the hotel in Poland.

Day 3.

The move to Germany.

‘Hannover – the water castle" - city tour.

Check in at the hotel and overnight stay in the Netherlands.

Day 4.

Tour «Amsterdam – a dream”.

Spare time.


A small water trip along the canals of Amsterdam on a ship (€30/€10).

With 21.03.14 on 20.05.14 perhaps a visit to the Royal Park of flowers Keukenhof (38€/30€).

“Quiet Holland" (38€/30€). A visit to the Dutch village of Zaanse Schans, the open air Museum and the fishing village of Volendam, where you will be able not only to enjoy the wonderful pastoral picture of an ancient town, but also to taste the traditional fish dishes.

Tour “Evening in Amsterdam" (the ticket price is €18/€10).

Overnight at the hotel in the Netherlands.

Day 5.

Moving to Brussels.

Sightseeing tour of historical part of the city.

Spare time.


“the middle Ages in reality”, visiting the cities of Ghent and Bruges (€38/€18). Our journey to the North-West of Belgium, begins with a medieval capital of the County of Flanders - Ghent. Historic Ghent is a Museum of the middle ages, a chronicle of the dark ages, the port city at the confluence of the rivers Lys and Escaut. Its quays is imbued with the spirit of history and poetry.

Overnight at the hotel on the Belgian territory.

Day 6.

The move to France.

City tour of Rouen.

Spare time.


“Sentimental Normandy" (€48/€28). Travel through the picturesque harbour town of Honfleur, a visit to Deauville and Trouville.

Return to Rouen.

Overnight at the hotel in France.

Day 7.

The visit of the Abbey Mont Saint-Michel.

Moving to the emerald coast of France – Saint-Malo

Spare time.


Tour “the Subjects of the ocean" (30€/23€). A visit to the town of Cancale, tasting different varieties of oysters, a tour of oyster plantations.

Everyone will be able to swim in the Atlantic ocean.

Overnight at the hotel in France.

Day 8.

Tours of France, tastings of French wines. A visit to the castles of Amboise and Chambord.

Moving to Paris.

“a Date with Paris" of the bus tour.

Check in at the hotel.

Visit the famous cabaret “Moulin Rouge" (after 23:00, to buy a ticket can be over €110).

Independent return to hotel.

Day 9.

Free time in Paris.


Tour of Versailles "Bows and diamonds" (38€/23€).

Walk along the Seine (13€/10€).

Visit the Eiffel tower.

“Legendary Montmartre" (18€/10€).

“Disneyland” (68€/60€).

Overnight at the hotel in France.

Day 10.

Visit Benlux or Kams – the best perfume shops in Paris.

Tour “Opera” (to buy a ticket is 23€/18€).

Tour of Versailles "encyclopedia of centuries – the Louvre" (€38/€18).

Tour "Latin quarter" (18€/10€).

Dinner in the restaurant (payment on your own menu).

Departure to Germany, arrival and overnight at the hotel.

Day 11.

Tour «Familiarity with Prague”.

Free time in Prague.


Boat trip on the Vltava (30€/18€).

Bed in a Polish hotel.

Day 12.


Visit the Salt Mine "Wieliczka" (30€/18€).

Moving to Krakow + Grand sightseeing tour of the city.

Overnight at the hotel in Poland.

Day 13.

Returning to Ukraine.

Estimated time of arrival to Lviv – around 17:00.

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