Freedom of choice
Freedom of choice

Special offer: Cheap tickets from Air France-KLM от 21070 грн

Promotion from Air France-KLM — special fares for air tickets from Kiev with purchase until July 2, 2017! You can book cheap airplane tickets to America, Europe, Africa, Cuba, Mauritius and the Caribbean.

The flight, according to the terms of the promotional offer, must be carried out between September 1, 2017 and March 31, 2018. Tariffs are indicated for a flight to both sides, including airport charges. Hot meals and luggage are already included in the price.

To book flights for these flights at special rates, you can use the Online Tickets site for self-booking flights or contact the company's physical office:


Special offer has finished

Starting date: 22.06.2017
Expiration date : 02.07.2017