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Freedom of choice

Special offer: Bus tour of old Europe. 6 days от И288

European tour!

6 days + 5 nights

Tour without night journeys!

price of the tour included excursions:

“Magical kraków», «Vienna – the capital of the Habsburgs’, ‘Munich – the Legend of Bavaria», «Dresden – the ancient capital of Saxony», «Salzburg – the Symphony of sounds and scenery”




route of the tour: Lviv-Krakow-Dresden-Munich-Neuschwanstein-Salzburg-Vienna-Miskolc-Tapolca-Chop-Lviv

1 day

Arrival to Krakow from Lviv.

Here you will find a review tour of “Magical kraków», during which you will be able to learn a lot about the history of this amazing city, see architectural monuments and to feel the mystical spirit of the legendary old Poland.

Tour of the desire: “Beer is never too much" (23€)

2 day

Transfer to Dresden, the ancient capital of Saxony. A great chance to visit this colorful city on the eve of his 800-year anniversary.

Immerse yourself in the Saxon flavor of the Dresden Old town, compactly grouped around the Theatre square with the famous building of the Dresden Opera and the equestrian statue of king Johann.

3 day

The move to Munich.

Walking tour through the city «Munich – the Legend of Bavaria».

Tour of the desire: “a dream come true – Neuschwanstein castle” (to buy a adult ticket you for 60€ for a child under 12 years – 38€). The world's most famous castle, which can be called truly “fabulous” - the architectural ensemble was built by the Bavarian king Ludwig II dreamed to realize this Palace has their own idea of the beauty and romance, the most beautiful fantasies and dreams.

4 day

City tour of Salzburg: «Salzburg – the Symphony of sounds and scenery”. The city, which is called ‘world stage" for the countless cultural events constantly taking place in the picturesque Old town.

Excursions on request:

lake Paradise – Valley of the Salzkammergut (ticket price for adult and 48 EUR for child up to 12 years - 38€). The picturesque region, which has about 50 lakes with charming towns scattered along the shores. Ancient castles and beautiful palaces, majestic abbeys and monasteries and, of course, the most famous Alpine city: St. Gilgen and St. Wolfgang.

“Beautiful and fun!” (ticket price for adult -30€ for children up to 12 years old - 18€). Visit countryside Hellbrunn Palace with its world-famous cascade of fountains.

Transfer to Hungary, a country of hot springs, paprika and the best wines. Here two thousand monuments from the Roman Empire peacefully coexist with the Romanesque churches, the architectural heritage of the Ottoman Empire, and impregnable fortresses of the middle ages.

5 day

Free time.

Excursions on request:

«Hungarian Versailles – the esterházy Palace» (ticket price is 8€) - the most beautiful Palace of Hungary, built in the Baroque style.

"Vienna – the capital of the Habsburgs’ - tour of the city known as the cultural capital of Europe, the city of music and art, a visit to the ancient architectural complexes and local attractions.

6 day

Visit the cave bath in Miskolc-Tapolca – an underground grotto mountain Verged. In addition to tours, you can optionally use the services of baths and water attractions (ticket price is 8 €).

Return to Ukraine (Chop, Lviv).

Special. tour price

standard Package


Children under 12 years old




price includes:

  • bus fare tourist class
  • hotel accommodation + Breakfast (buffet)
  • support team leader
  • excursions
  • insurance

cost of the tour does not include:

  • recommended programs and tickets
  • visa fee – 35€ (the categories of citizens exempted from payment of fee, do not make this payment)

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