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Freedom of choice

Special offer: The accord for Paris. Christmas 2014 от 6318 грн

searched for  Paris…

… This Paris only for You …

Lviv - Krakow - Nuremberg-Paris - Baden-Baden - Prague - Zakopane-Lviv

Christmas tour. Check out 3.01.2014


4 nights in Paris!!!

1st day


09.30 Gathering for an excursion to the Lviv railway.d. station.

10:00 Bus excursion around Lviv “Only in Lviv…”. We will stop for a photo break near the Church of St. George, drive through the small streets of the Old city, take a short walking tour in the center of the ancient city, drive up to the High castle and Lviv on the street will complete our tour at the station.

14.00 For tourists wishing to visit the collection at the Lviv railway.d. station. Transfer to Terminal “And”.

14:30 Departure to the tour is available at terminal a “transfer to Krakow. Accommodation at the hotel.

For those wishing to visit the Water Park – one of the largest in Poland water parks. Pools with ozonated water, hot tubs, spiral slides, Jacuzzi, sauna, Solarium, fitness club. And there's a Water bar where you can relax, drink coffee or just to try the dessert. (Ref. ticket adults 10 EUR /children up to 12 years old 8 € ). Overnight.

day 2


Breakfast. Sightseeing tour of the city "Royal way" - the way in which for many centuries passed Polish kings: plexus legends... Free time.

We recommend you to visit “ the Polish Acropolis" Wawel castle (adult-18 EUR, children under 12 years 16€) - the best monument of Renaissance culture, created by the famous European masters. Salt Mine "Wieliczka" (adults 30€ /children up to 12 years 18€). This place is interesting and the fact that there all made out of salt: the little chapel and the great hall, the enchanting underground lake, various sculptures, statues, murals – a whole underground city! Overnight in Poland.

day 3



Imperial Nuremberg - there will be our first encounter with Germany. Nuremberg will open a lot of secrets – it was invented here and the first pocket watch globe, they set off the first train, it's the world capital of toys, birthplace of the Nutcracker. Overnight in Germany.

day 4


Breakfast. The move to France.

…And here It is… the long-awaited France – the country of fine wines, high fashion, expensive perfume, beautiful women and of many secrets…. Bus and walking tour of the “First date with Paris”. Beautiful city, preparing for a meeting, wearing their gowns: the glitter of lights, romance, floating in the air, make the meeting more desirable.Free time. Walk through the mysterious Seine (Adults 13€/ children under 12 years 10€). In his spare time the opportunity to visit the Eiffel Tower (entrance tickets). Checking into a hotel in France. Overnight.

day 5


Breakfast. Have the opportunity to attend a choice of:

“Sentimental Normandy" (68€/60€). Have this cute ladies changeable and controversial “portrait”. We will be able to visit the pearl shores of the warm sea, where stunningly beautiful cliffs of the coast give way to glorious sandy beaches and picturesque port towns… of Old Rouen – the largest Norman city. We hurry to Deauville to host the sea coast, in the city"gift" tired of the vanity of vanities of the aristocracy. And in the end, an ancient and industrious Trouville. Return to Paris…

“Disneyland” (adults - 68€/children under 12 years - 60€). There is always a welcome not only children but also adults, because Disneyland is the land of the eternal vacation, where they never stop music, does not weaken the holiday and does not dry out the fun…

“Legendary Montmartre"(18€/children under 12 years 10€). The most famous hill in Paris, crowned - Sekr Coeur. It's the birthplace of geniuses, it worked outstanding people of Paris.

Famous cabaret "Moulin Rouge" (time of call 23:00 – 110€). It's bright feathers, splendid dancers, French cancan… Self-return to the hotel. Overnight.

day 6


Breakfast. Free time in Paris. Have the opportunity to attend excursions to choose from:

French perfume — elite and refined. We offer you to visit some of the best perfume shops in Paris Benlux or Kams and purchase a nice souvenir for myself. Have the opportunity to attend excursions to choose from:

“Opera”(23€/children under 12L. 18€). Grand Opera one of the best architectural monuments of Paris. Its halls, reminiscent in its grandeur of the Royal Palace, where marble, onyx, granite, gold immerse us in a magical world of luxury. Royal residence-Versailles. Tour “Bows and diamonds" (38€ children up to 12 years 30€). “…the World watched in awe at Versailles, the world kneels in front of its beauty. And maybe all that made Louis not in vain, because otherwise we would not have seen Paradise on earth….”. “encyclopedia ages - the Louvre" (38€/children under 12 years 18€). Our guide invites you into the World of Art - world geniuses who have left a gift to mankind of the great masterpieces. Overnight.

day 7


Breakfast. Free time in Paris. Have the opportunity to attend excursions to choose from:

“the Vagaries of the French kings – Chateaux of the Loire”.

The cost of the tour:

30 or more


15-19 people


25-29 employees


9-14 people


20-24 people




…God favored France... One century blended into another on the banks of the Loire… leaving only one witness of past deeds and betrayals, tragedies, weddings and carnivals… castles…

Return to Paris… Bed.

day 8


Breakfast. Checkout from the hotel. The move to Germany.

…One of the best European resorts, luxury pearl, elite balneological resort, Paradise…. It has everything that can bring pleasure to any man… Then we go into the world of pleasure Baden Baden (incl. the ticket for the PLR. extra 16 euros). Overnight in Germany.

day 9


Breakfast. Moving to Prague.

Walking tour “Familiarity with Prague”. We follow the Charles Bridge, Jewish quarter, old town square, Astronomical clock with celestial mechanics at the town hall. Free time.

For all who want a boat trip on the Vltava (Adults 30€/children under 12 years 18€). Appetizers, buffet, accompanied by interesting stories… “the Shadow of the old city" (Adults 13€/ children under 12 years 10€). From a secret servant of the old town in the dim glow of the evening lights, you will learn the traditions that are passed from mouth to mouth only. Overnight in Poland.

day 10


Breakfast. Moving to the capital of Polish Tatra mountains - Zakopane.

Zakopane - the magnificent nature, the flavor of Highlander folklore and a wide choice of entertainment!!! The centre of Zakopane - krupówki street (Krupowki) - everything revolves around it: colorful restaurants – huts, tents with Souvenirs, bricky pulled by horses, which in an extravagant way to introduce wooden architecture of the city. We recommend to visit the perfect place to relax - water complex Terma Bukowina tatrzańska (23™): playgrounds, slides, saunas, steam rooms and 12 swimming pools with waves and currents - filled with water from thermal springs whose temperature is 28-36°C. "Guralsky night”! Under the Highlander's chords dinner in a traditional Highlander restaurant (adults-30 EUR, children up to 12 years old-18€). Moving to the bed. Accommodation in hotel in Poland. Overnight.

day 11


Early Breakfast. Checkout from the hotel.

Time of arrival to Lviv approximately at 17:00 (depends on the border).

Arrival in Lviv - Complex Terminal «And». Transfer to train on well.d. station.

Up to new meetings!

tour Cost payment:



After 15.11

6318 UAH

6318 UAH


cost of the tour is different from the usual:


Seasonal surcharge +3% to the value in 8 weeks


Seasonal surcharge +6% to the value in 8 weeks

N. G.

new year holidays (changes to program tariffs and the cost of the tour).

M. p.

holidays in May (changes to program tariffs and the cost of the tour).


Special offer (the program change and the cost of the tour).


single Supplement

Standard date + 2860 UAH. /tour

Holiday Christmas, Holidays in May + 3410 UAH/tour


For tourists wishing to travel to areas in the last row of the bus (the seatback reclines) discount -3% of the tour price. Limited number of seats (4-5 persons) and their numbers may vary depending on the configuration of the bus.

Cost includes:

  • Meeting a representative of the company
  • Insurance (group)
  • Travel route by bus standard
  • The guide-head on the route
  • Accommodation along the route hotel 2-3* with Breakfast.
  • Excursions mentioned in the program.


Price excludes:

The consular fee is NOT payable for the categories of citizens exempted from the visa fees under the agreement on simplification of visa regime. Pensioners, children till 18 years, students of day hospital to 21G.

Visa application center pay.

PAID EACH inning.


Waiting for Your questions and applications!

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Expiration date : 31.01.2014