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Documents for travel in Ukraine and abroad

Looking for answers to questions about the documents for air travel in Ukraine? Even those passengers who travel frequently, still occasionally you may need more information about air travel, tickets, documents, and more.

Service of selling tickets Online Tikets have prepared for you a list of the main issues related to air travel, and relevant answers.

Buy a ticket. What documents are needed?

If you need to buy a ticket for travel within Ukraine, to issue the ticket, enough of an ordinary passport but for travel outside the mill you will need a valid passport with valid entry visa.

If at the time of registration plane ticket your passport is in Embassy for visa selling agent can issue a ticket based on any other identity document, and a photocopy of the passport.

Airport Check-in Ukraine

To check at the airport of Ukraine, the passenger must arrive at the place of registration not later than regulated airline time. If the passenger arrives later than the prescribed time or is in possession of all appropriate documents, the carrier may cancel the space reserved for the passenger seat. For latecomers passengers the flight will not be delayed.

List of documents for registration at the airport:


If you issue a paper ticket on a plane, check-in is required to present the original ticket. If you have booked e-ticket, it is desirable to have a printout, but since all the information about the passenger, the flight and the route stored in the electronic database, written confirmation of a ticket in most cases is not required.


For citizens of Ukraine who are traveling across the country, it is enough to show at the front Desk of a civil internal passport. The passport must be valid, with affixed upon reaching 25 and 45 years of photographs (if necessary).

Documents for a child

If minors (under 16 years) traveling with an adult at the point of registration of the aircraft must present the original birth certificate of the child. Children 16 years and older must have a passport.

For departure abroad the child must have their own passport or be inscribed in the passport of one of parents. If children are traveling without their parents, when registering on the plane need to present notarized permission to travel from both parents. If the child leaves the country accompanied by one of the parents, the document must be in the name of him who does not leave.

Guards may be required to produce documents confirming the kinship of the child and accompanying, and in his absence the minor may be denied leaving Ukraine.

Remember, the same surname is not proof of a relationship!

Documents for departure abroad

For departure outside the country in addition to the internal passport and ticket, you must show one of the following:

Visa to fly abroad

Before beginning the preparation of the documents for the departure must be clarified whether you need a visa for the country you intend to visit. If you need a visa, remember that at the time of entry into the country of destination it must be a valid (visa is valid from 00:01 of the date specified in it), and to leave the country by the end of the period of validity (23:59 from specified in the visa dates). The validity of a visa and passport should cover the date of return flight.

For travel on a tourist visa you need to have a document with a mark about payment, confirmation of the hotel. The voucher should contain the address and contact number of the booked hotel.

When flights transit flights, be sure to ask the agent whether the change of port when transferring at the airport-if Yes, then you may need a transit visa. Transit visa is not required in the event that if during the transplant you will only be in the transit area and will not leave the airport. For transit flights through the US transit visa is always needed.

Medical insurance

The cost of insurance for the duration of the flights is already included the cost of the ticket, but insurance accident and medical insurance must be purchased separately.