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Choose a cruise

In the old days only the upper layers of society could afford sea cruises, people that have a certain status and utter wealth. Sea cruises, like Swiss watch now, were considered to be an indicator of high status and self-sufficiency: those who had the opportunity to order them, lived in grand style and not really thought about the money spent.

Now cruises from Ukraine are one of the most popular types of travel. Their cost is relatively low, and many tourists now may afford an unforgettable trip on a comfortable seagoing vessel. So why deny yourself in this pleasure? Let’s travel!

Sea cruises around Europe, Asia, the Caribbean: advantages

Whatever type of transport you travel: by bus, plane, car or train, each of them has its advantages. Sea cruises also have many advantages and some of them deserve special attention:

High level of comfort. Rather than to be crowded on a shelf in a train or experiencing inconveniences while traveling by bus, you can stay in comfortable and well-equipped cabin comparable with hotel suites. Besides, here you definitely will not get bored: there is everything you need for a good holiday on board of every modern ship. Gyms, spas, swimming pools, shops and boutiques, cinemas and outdoor theater venues – even the most demanding tourists will not be bored on board!

Increased safety. If the bus is often stuffy or you can get car sick, the train is not always convenient for traveling, and some travelers are afraid of air traveling, you are unlikely to become sick on board of the ship, as all ships are equipped with stabilizers of pitching. Route of cruises in the Mediterranean Sea, Pacific Ocean or the Caribbean is planned in such a way to avoid storms, which makes the journey on a sea liner almost the safest type of tourist trips.

The absence of customs control. Yes, you heard right! Cruises from Ukraine is a great way to spend a relaxing holiday since you will not have to constantly fuss with heavy suitcases and pass terribly unpleasant procedure of customs control when moving from one country to another. Travel by sea is much easier and more enjoyable, even if your cruise itinerary includes visits to a large number of different countries.

The ability to explore multiple cities or countries within a single cruise. During the cruise, you can not only visit a few countries – you can explore many, many countries! Just imagine that within just one trip you can visit, for example, the mysterious Italy, sunny Spain and enjoy the unique natural landscapes of Greece, and then go to Istanbul, Turkey, Oriental Pearl, and Dubrovnik, famous Croatian port. Cruises from Odessa will give you such opportunity – magical voyage a month-long or even longer will allow to visit almost all corners of the globe.

So, you want to select and book cheap cruises on the sea? The company "Online Tickets" will always help you with this!

Service for booking sea cruises online “Online Tickets”

Online Tickets is convenient online service for selection and booking of trips. On our site you can always choose a good and inexpensive sea cruise in the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic and the Pacific, Caribbean or other cruise destinations. On Online Tickets you will find all the options of sea travel. We present cruise routes across Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, Alaska and the Pacific coast.

Site interface is easy and intuitive, so you will be able to search, select and order a sea cruise quickly and easily.

On website «Online Tickets» the most interesting cruise offers from our partners - MSC Company and Royal Caribbean – are always available. That is why you will always be able to choose and book cruises from Odessa to Europe, Asia, the Caribbean and any other tourist destinations at the best prices!

How to book a sea cruise with “Online Tickets”?  

Ordering a sea cruise on the company's website "Online Tickets" is simple and does not require filling a large number of shapes and forms. Simply enter in the search box the selected sailing area, the start date of the cruise, company and liner on which you would like to make a sea voyage. Also, do not forget to specify how many days you plan to go on a cruise, how many people will be traveling with you, and will there be among them young passengers.

Next, a new window will open where you can choose the most suitable of the proposed voyage options. Then you need to choose the type and category of cabins. Once you have made your selection, you'll get a window with information about the infrastructure of the liner and the cabin. And then you only need to specify your data and data of passengers that will go on a cruise with you: first and last name (in Latin letters), date of birth and passport details. Be sure to specify your first and last name, e-mail and phone number for the feedback so that our managers could contact you for clarification of your requests to cruise and coordination paper issues.

That’s all – all necessary actions for the booking are made, it remains only to collect suitcases for a great trip!

Travel in comfort with Online Tickets!