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Freedom of choice

Without complexes — the best nudist beaches


While the whole world is discussing burkini and Chinese «swimsuits for the face», we compiled a list of the best nudist beaches in the world, so that those who know good in sun tan could choose for themselves this summer a really chic vacation spot.

Picturesque secluded coasts and specialized beaches, equipped with everything you need — lovers to luxuriate in the sun without a swimsuit is what to choose from!

If you love an impeccably smooth tan, without a single white stripes, and yet do not complex about and without, this selection of the best beaches for nudists will obviously have to your liking.

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So, where to relax nudist this summer? Top 5 «bare» beaches around the world!

Beach Guvano, Italy

The quiet coast, surrounded by picturesque rocks, is located in the western part of Italy, between the villages of Corniglia and Vernazza, in the territory of the Cinque Terre. There are no buildings, bars do not work and music does not rattle — only wild nature in its best manifestation, that's why people who like to enjoy the special atmosphere of these wild beaches can enjoy their holiday here. By the way, here calmly sunbathe both nudists, and fans of the traditional beach holiday — no one requires others to undress or dress.

The beauty of Gouvano is that it is not easy to get here — you could have got here earlier either by boat by sea or through a long-abandoned railway tunnel. But since last year, the entrance to the tunnel has been closed, and now those wishing to sunbathe without problems are making their way to the beach by a narrow mountain path, but it's really dangerous to walk on it, so if you want to sunbathe on this beach, we recommend you to go to the beach of Gwano by the sea — and Beautiful, and romantic, and safe.

Red Beach, Greece

In Greece, nudist beaches are many, but Red Beach is known and popular since the days of the hippies. Here there is more civilization than the Italian Guvano — there is a small kiosk where guests will be offered a snack, buy cool water and drinks, and for quite a modest amount (less than five euros) you can rent sun loungers and umbrellas. Here, as on the beach of Gwano, you can sunbathe in any form — nudists quietly coexist with ordinary vacationers.

«Red Beach» in Greece is located near Matala, but to get to it, you will have to climb as fast as you can along the narrow mountain paths.

Plage de Tahiti, France

French Plage de Tahiti, located in Saint-Tropez, gained popularity after the release of the film "And God created a woman" with Brigitte Bardot in the title role — then the audience literally fell in love with this endless azure sea and a beach with fine golden sand. The beach "Tahiti" became popular so much that many celebrities of the last century came to relax here, but because of the excessive agiotage on the part of the paparazzi, famous people are often here today.

A special decadent atmosphere, a huge choice of restaurants, cafes, clubs and discotheques make the rest of the Plage de Tahiti pleasant, interesting and comfortable.

The cost of renting a lounger and umbrella is € 24.

Es Trenc, Spain

The beach of Es Trenc in Mallorca is similar to the Maldives and is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe — amazingly clean water, the shining whiteness of very soft fine sand, the greens coming to the very coastline of pines and junipers fall in love with you at once and forever. The length of the beach is about three kilometers, the descent into the water is gentle and, although in many respects the coast is «wild», there is a rental of umbrellas and sunbeds. Nudists on the beach Es Trenc peacefully neighbor with ordinary holidaymakers.

The beach is located in the saline lakes of Es Salobrar de Campos in the southeast of Mallorca, the area is a natural reserve and is protected from interference in the Mediterranean ecosystem by the Law of Spain.

Samurai Beach, Australia

Samurai Beach is probably not only one of the most unusual nudist beaches in the world, but also the most sporting one: firstly, there is always a huge number of young people having a rest, and secondly, many kinds of sports are practiced on Samurai Beach.

The beach is a real platform for carrying out unusual sports games and competitions, that is called "without a tie" — bare beach volleyball, football, diving, windsurfing and much more. In addition, every November there is a bright interesting event — a special naked Olympics, during which nudists compete in all types of beach sports, and even the real Olympic flame is lit. During the beach nudist Olympics there is a strict rule: not only participants — both spectators and representatives of the press during the holding of these competitions — must follow the dress code of nudist beaches.

Yes, and another nice bonus of this beach is the penguins that often come «on a visit» to holidaymakers on the «Samurai Beach». So you can admire these charming clumsy birds, slowly marching right past your lounger, and make some bright photos of Australian penguins for memory.

The Samurai Beach naturist beach in Australia is located in Port Stephens in the Tomari National Park.


Date of publication: 26.06.2017