Freedom of choice
Freedom of choice

How to save money booking a ticket

How to save money when booking tickets? This question is particularly relevant for those planning a vacation, because with the right approach to purchase tickets you can save a tidy sum.

Loyalty programs of airlines

Almost every airline offers its passengers the bonus program and loyalty program through which you can save some money on the purchase of tickets. Participating in such programs, you can enjoy discounts on the purchase of tickets, different privileges, and even to "free ticket".

What is the free ticket? This right to purchase an award ticket for “miles” - the bonuses from previous flights. In most cases the resulting discount on this award ticket can reach 80% (after deducting all transportation taxes and fees).

Buying over the Internet

Another good way to save – services of online ticket sales. Use the menu of this website you in real time will be able to browse offers from different airlines to find the optimal flight on the desired date, choose the landing site and additional services. Besides, via the Internet, you will be able to book electronic ticket on the plane, which will help to save you a lot of time.

Promotions and offers

Another great way to buy cheap plane tickets – promotions and special offers from airlines. With their help, the total discount on tickets of up to 50%.

Beneficial to book the tickets, be sure to start to follow the dynamics of prices in advance. The height of the tourist season, airlines typically offer passengers good promotions and discounts, but if you start looking for tickets early, chance to find more interesting price offer is much more.

By the way, make sure you check the airlines that do not have direct communication with the city. Although the flights with transfers is usually not very convenient, they can be a great way to save – precisely because of direct access tickets for those flights are usually much cheaper.

Refunds and replacement tickets

But in the pursuit of the cheapest tickets it is worth to remember and about additional conditions which may be attached to these economy options. For example, one of the conditions of the cheapness of the tickets can be no possibility of return or replacement.

If you know the date or time of your departure can be changed at the last moment, be sure to pay attention to the possibility to surrender or exchange a ticket, and if the replacement ticket can be, then specify whether you want it withheld any part of the amount paid by you.