Freedom of choice
Freedom of choice

The advantages of the electronic railway ticket

It is necessary quickly to buy a train ticket? Do it really fast!

If one thought about the upcoming trip to the booths for tickets causes nauseam, it's time to learn a new way of buying railway tickets – via the Internet.

Everyone who uses the Internet shops, the advantages of ordering via the Internet the obvious – no need to make the hours of shopping, to wander from one end of town to another and standing in queues.

In the global network in just a few clicks of the mouse you can learn any of the characteristics of the desired product, to consider it from all sides, read reviews and compare prices from different vendors. And it will take you no more than a few minutes, while running at several malls takes at least several hours.

The same principle of saving time applies when ordering tickets online. You can view information about any flight and train tickets, while at work, at home or in a cafe, you don't have to change your plans or take time off from work to get to the checkout.

Order train ticket online is very simple – select the desired flight, seat, time of departure and arrival, and enter the number of passengers, fill in the electronic order form their names and simply confirm the purchase!

How to use e-ticket on the train? Even easier! You can print it, save the QR code ticket on your phone or record 16- / 14-digit number and dictate it to the cashier at the railway station to get the ticket booked at this number. By the way, e-tickets are already operating in Ukraine in many areas, so contact the ticket office to receive a ticket number is required only for some flights.

E-tickets is a ticket with deferred printing is fully implemented for trains on directions Kyiv, Mariupol, Uzhgorod, Lviv, Kharkiv, Simferopol, Sevastopol, Kharkiv, Kherson, Nikolaev, Zaporozhye and others.

Book tickets for the trains of Ukrainian Railways for 45 days before the trip, and to pay for the booked ticket you can at any time through the form of a payment card on the website, in cash or through Bank terminals. In addition, with ticketing Online Tikets you can buy discount tickets via the Internet.

Advantages of booking tickets Online Tikets

The exceptional accuracy of data. When you dictate, the cashier data of passengers for whom purchase tickets, there is always the probability of error, and in the end, your ticket will not only be warped beyond recognition last name, but a travel document may be issued on the wrong train. And when you make their own electronic order form your data, the probability of such errors is reduced to zero.

With the help of our online booking service for tickets, you will always be able to choose the desired car and the range of locations in the train. But if the desired tickets are sold out, you can always repeat the search on the site, because information about the sale of the tickets is updated in real time. When selling a unplanned appear good tickets, buy them instantly, but when ordering over the Internet online of chance to manage to purchase much more than defending the queues at the box office.

On our website order tickets you will be able to see and buy a ticket, which, for example, has just been handed over by another passenger or otsenivshaya your booking.

And as a result, you spend on purchasing only a few minutes to order the service through online ticketing Online Tikets.