Train schedule in directions

Online schedule: directions of trains. Want to find railway tickets quickly? Trains schedule 2017 will help you to determine the most convenient options for routes and travel dates. In addition, from a section of trains schedule you may proceed to booking of ticket for the selected train in one click that will significantly save your time.

How to check a train schedule?

In a search menu located at the top indicate departure and arrival cities, and select a desirable date of trip in a drop-down calendar. Click “Search”. The system will calculate all rail routes passing through the selected cities on the day set by you, and generate a list of available ones. For each train there will be indicated the date and time of departure, arrival and number of train.

Pay attention: The process of trains search by the system can take up to 60 seconds.

If you are interested in any of the routes suggested by website, click “Buy” in order to see more detailed information for each of the routes – website will redirect you to the page with a detailed description of each train route. Here you can also find out the availability of seats in cabins of each class of the selected train, see their quantity and price.

Pay attention: Cost of train tickets may vary depending on the number of days remaining before the departure of the train.

How to get a train ticket online?

Depending upon the route and type of train you may be offered tickets for a cabin with reserved seats, car, luxe, as well as seats of 1 and 2 class. Click the button with appropriate information, select the number of car, desirable location of seat (or seats, if you book tickets for several people for the same train at a time).

Enter first and last names of passengers you are buying tickets for. Specify your contact information (name, phone number and e-mail) so that our managers could contact you if they need to clarify any data. If you have already registered at our website, please log in.

Check the spelling of passengers’ names as boarding on a train in Ukraine is carried out only with the presentation of passport, and data indicated in boarding documents must coincide with passport. If everything is correct, click “Book”, and on the opened page you may select a desirable payment method for the booked tickets.  

Pay attention: Reservation on website without payment lasts 30 minutes – if during this time railway tickets are not purchased, the reservation will be automatically canceled.