Freedom of choice
Freedom of choice

Where to go in November?

Despite the fact that November is usually considered “low” season, journey this month you can organize a very, very good.

Besides, because of such low popularity of the holiday in November is often quite profitable – summer tour prices have dropped, but winter level rise have not yet. November discounts are usually offered to almost all – and the purchase of tickets and hotel accommodation, and excursion programs.

By the way, for travellers with children this month has another significant advantage: almost all of Ukraine students have little November vacation, so travel in the last month of autumn the whole family, no one is taking or from work or from school.

So, we decided that traveling this month, interesting, convenient and profitable, so it remains only to decide where to go on holiday in November 2014, and you can safely pack your bags for the journey!

A stay in November abroad – your code go?

At the end of autumn tourists are probably even greater choice of leisure options than the traditionally popular summer season: open slopes, many ski resorts, actively guided tour of its urban and rural attractions, and warm country inviting tourists on late beach holiday.

Depending on exactly where you are going to travel – in Ukraine or abroad – you can pick up a variety of options for a holiday.

Vacation at sea in November

In the last month of autumn to go to sea, both in the near and far abroad. In Egypt, for example, the velvet season begins in November, and for more than hot exotic countries, such as Tunisia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mauritius and Emirates, this month just the height of the season. And, of course, friendly at this time, the Canary Islands, which, with its unique location, fantastic pleasing soft warm climate all year round.

If your vacation isn't really a time limit, you can safely go to the States – the Philadelphia and California will generously share with you the warm sun, soft sandy beaches and measured ocean waves. Fans of diving and Windsurfing also will not remain indifferent from the beaches of Portugal (Madeira).

Not less popular among Ukrainian tourists, and Israel – at this time it is particularly mild climate and gentle sun. Sometimes, of course, November in Israel is a bit rainy, but if you go not only to the beach of the Dead sea and the city, positive impressions will still be guaranteed.

Holidays in Cyprus in November, will appeal to those who like to sunbathe and go in for active kinds of sports-sunbathing and Cycling are pleasant, but the sea is not very favorable to bathing – the water temperature drops to +20 °C.

Where to go on holiday in November for a tour?

Except for Israel, which, as we have said, will delight and sea, and sightseeing vacation, excellent conditions for a late autumn holiday focusing on the tour can offer Spain, Greece and Italy. Here at this time to swim in the sea anymore, but the weather is still summer-warm and comfortable for walks to local attractions.

Sightseeing and a bit of sea jaunts in China – in November there is a very warm sea water, plus many unique attractions. These attractions, of course, available all year round, but November will allow to conveniently combine a beach holiday with exciting excursions.

Among European countries a nice vacation in November can also offer France, Czech Republic, Poland – mild European autumn has especially to visit museums, art galleries, ancient palaces, and of course, cozy coffee shops, soaked in the soothing aromas of coffee, chocolate and fresh baking. But Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland and Belgium at that time already quite cold, so a tour here this time, especially for tourists with children will not be the best choice.

Where to relax in November exotic?

If in contrast the gray autumn weekdays, the soul asks for something bright and unusual, the November holiday we can safely spend in an exotic location. Privacy tropical Paradise of the Maldives, the daring beauty of Mexico and the charm of the Seychelles – what could be better for those who want to enjoy relaxation on the ocean, diving and real fishing for big fish.

Thailand in November will delight your guests in soft, warm weather (air temperature does not rise above +20 °C), with many incredible attractions, boat racing and a spectacular show of elephants. A journey through mysterious India with its unique culture and incredible temples can be perfectly combined with a vacation by the ocean in Goa.