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Freedom of choice

How to check tickets on a train?

A few years ago to learn about the availability tickets on the train passengers could only two ways: when you call over the phone and help Railways or coming personally to the station.

Both have always been associated with a number of difficulties: the phone reference is usually constantly busy, and to call on them pretty hard, and at the stations ticket office and information Windows are often impressive queue. In addition to the railway station is still to come, which also takes additional time and is not always convenient.

Now, of course, the situation in the occupied lines reference service and queues at railway stations have changed little, but the ability of passengers Ukrainian trains has expanded. Now to learn the number and location of seats available in the train can be made online, and all this takes no more than a couple minutes.

To know the availability of seats on the train online, go to “railway tickets” on the website Online Tikets, and at the top of the page is the search form, select your desired flight. For this you need to specify the date of travel, city of departure and arrival.

To Refine the search if you know exactly the departure time, you can select one of five available time ranges departure time of train from the station – for example, evening or morning. After clicking the button, the selection of trains, the system will display all available options corresponding to your selected criteria.

Click the left mouse button on the desired train from the list that turned detailed information about the types of cars that have free space: luxury, coupe, reserved seats, sitting cars, etc. For each option you will see the price of the ticket, as well as summary information about the number and types of seats available, for example, how many lower, upper and lateral seats available on this train.

In order to see the availability on the train in more detail, you will need to go to the map of the car. To do this, click the mouse on the field of the desired class and in the opened window select the number of the car, a map of places where you'd like to see. On the resulting diagram will be marked Unallocated space and those that have already been purchased or reserved by other passengers.

Numbers of seats available on the car scheme active – you can click on them with the mouse, selecting them to design future online order.

The advantage of this way of finding the tickets that you don't have to adjust the work schedule of offices, so as to check the availability of train tickets online at any time of the day or night, and it is absolutely not important, where exactly in Ukraine you are located geographically. To learn about availability of seats on the train and buy the appropriate tickets right from home in just a few minutes!