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Freedom of choice

Documents to buy train tickets in Ukraine

In March 2013 in Ukraine has changed the procedure of registration of train tickets. Now the tickets are nominal, and when boarding the train the passenger should present a document proving the identity.

Under the new rules, when making train tickets in every travel document shall be entered the name and surname of the passenger for whom you purchased this W/a ticket. To redeem or to exchange an e-ticket, present an ID is not required – only at the time of boarding the train and when buying discounted tickets.

Without a document certifying the identity of passenger, boarding the train is only in commuter trains.

When boarding, each passenger is obliged to present to the conductor a train ticket or printed e-ticket and ID. Are only original documents.

If one of the underage passengers, except the train ticket you should have the birth certificate of the child (passport or travel document).

Without a valid ID of the passenger, the conductor will be forced to refuse to Board the train.

identity Documents when boarding a train in Ukraine: