Freedom of choice
Freedom of choice

Seychelles: exotic for the sophisticated. Part III


Before you travel to Seychelles no vaccinations to do not required. The country is quite safe for tourists: the locals are very friendly, and the police is working well, so quietly walk around the island even at night.

Although, of course, you should still adhere to basic security measures: don't leave things unattended and not to take anything especially valuable during the campaign in “wild” beaches. In the Islands, the hotels of Seychelles in this plan is generally full idyll – even the most careless tourists and their property are in no danger here.

Probably the most dangerous encounter with what can a vacationer on the Islands – poisonous fish and sea urchins. But in order to protect yourself from these unpleasant contacts, often it is enough to use special protective Slippers for swimming. But what really may cause inconvenience while on holiday in the Seychelles, so are insects. So you should think about reliable means of protection against them.

The climate of Seychelles

The average annual temperature in the Seychelles – +26...+30°C, the climate is very mild, tropical. Too hot or too cold then it never happens. The most rainy month on the Islands – January.

Season in the Seychelles

The period from November to March the Islands is considered a warm season, from may to September – the cold. April and October – “transitional” in the months between monsoon seasons. In winter the weather is usually warmer, but rainy, and summer – drier and cooler.

The beaches in the Seychelles

The beaches of Seychelles – this small, sandy coves. Coastline – the municipal property, therefore, despite the fact that every local hotel has a private stretch of beach, they can relax and other tourists. Umbrellas and chairs  free.

Hotels Seychelles

Hotels in Seychelles do not have an official classification of “star”, so the tour operators to assess all local hotels, conventionally, by assigning three, four or five “stars”.

The larger Islands have hotels, and small coral islets of a small bungalows varying degrees of comfort. But whatever was the hotel in the Seychelles, it will ensure top-class service.

In every hotel of the archipelago provided for sockets British standard voltage is 240V. The adapters under the appliances with other plugs you can always get the hotel porter.

Shopping and shops in the Seychelles

Shops in the Seychelles are open from 8 to 17 and on Saturdays until 17: 30. Until late can work some small shops, especially those that belong to the Indians.

As a souvenir from the Islands, you can buy nuts ‘Coco-de-Mer” or liqueur of them, models of sailing ships made by local craftsmen, and a standard set of tropical Souvenirs-shells, sarongs, t-shirts and hats. Stores in Victoria also sell unusual pearl jewelry and paintings by local artists.

To bargain in the Seychelles is not accepted, and prices for Souvenirs are much higher than in other tourist countries.


Date of publication: 29.11.2013