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Freedom of choice

Seychelles: exotic for the sophisticated. Part I


Seychelles – it's not just tropical exotics.

Volcanic Islands surrounded by coral reefs, lush tropical forest and the warm turquoise waves of the Indian ocean enchant you at first sight and for life.

Here you will experience a fascinating harmony of nature, which is born of serenity, worthy of the gardens of Paradise. The perfect naturalness of the landscape creates a truly pastoral picture.

A holiday in the Seychelles are fully able to evaluate only those tourists who have been traveled. If you decide to choose the Seychelles for your first cruise, you certainly will not be disappointed – amazing beauty of nature, friendly locals, exotic hotels and local cuisine will make your tropical vacation unforgettable. But those who have already visited in other countries, will find on these Islands is exactly the kind of elusive charm of pristine nature, which is so appreciated by seasoned travelers.

Tropical resorts in the Seychelles is very diverse. Many Islands, each of which has its own personality, a unique combination of jungle, cliffs, coves and fantastic coastline. These Islands can be compared to small boxes full of treasures – everyone will find in a magic casket something special and very close.

For lovers of the sea and each other

The secret of the Seychelles is that the local authorities artificially restricted the influx of tourists, and it allows you to preserve the pristine purity of nature. Instead of endless heaps of hotels you will see here a neat little Bungalow, and instead of concrete boxes the bustling shopping malls – nice little shops and benches. Victoria-capital of Seychelles – infrastructure, of course, developed just fine, but on small Islands of the archipelago minimized human intervention in nature.

It is control over the vicinity of the archipelago and, of course, quite high prices for the tours do a holiday in the Seychelles for many travelers, the dream of a lifetime. Therefore, there is a rest or a very wealthy tourists, or at least provided the newlyweds-after all, what could be more romantic and memorable than a honeymoon on an uninhabited Seychelles  Islands?

Notes traveler: 10 things to do in Seychelles

1. Not to do anything. nothing. The white sand beaches of the Seychelles archipelago is simply not meant to be here at least some cases – just relax, relax and sun bath.

2. to Learn diving. even the most simple immersion – at least under the supervision of an instructor, in shallow water and with insurance. To visit the Seychelles without seeing the fascinating beauty of the underwater world – just blasphemy.

3. Try the local cuisine. If stew bat too much of an exotic dish, try at least local fish with rice – she is perfect!

4. Go on a treasure hunt. Who else, if not you will be able to find a real pirate treasure hidden on the island Moyen?

5. while walking through the capital should definitely look at the local traffic light. Yes, it is a local landmark. After all, only two traffic lights in the whole country.

6. Ascend by helicopter over the Indian ocean. the Amazing scenery created by nature, not require the intervention of photo editors and designers – their natural beauty is worth it to see her live, and from the height of bird flight.

7. Try to catch blue Marlin. of Course, you pick up instead of tuna, but will fully enjoy the fishing and personally caught tuna is a large and incredibly tasty.

8. To hold a wedding ceremony on the ocean. May wedding in the Seychelles will be the beginning of an incredibly happy family life, because how could it be a bad marriage, blessed by the ocean?

9. Go to the beach Grande Anse to join the proud fraternity "of dosochinil" and catch your first wave.

10. To bring Home a souvenir from the Seychelles – a huge nut Coco-de-Mer.


Date of publication: 15.11.2013