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Seven cases for which should go to Denmark


For those who want to relax in Denmark, the best time to travel-from may to September. And, of course, in December, before Christmas, when the sights of Denmark find snow-a festive winter design, creating a magical feeling embodied in the life of tales as children and adults.

Weather in Denmark during summer is moderately warm, although rain is not uncommon. In winter the temperature rarely drops below $ 5 degrees.

Snow? Snow is usually here only in December-as a Christmas gift, and wrapped a white fluffy blanket of light snow, Denmark turns into an unforgettable fairy-tale Kingdom.

For those who decided to go on a vacation to Denmark, we can offer a list of the 7 cases that have to make every guest of the Danish Kingdom.

1. To get on the island squatters

In the heart of Copenhagen, on the island of AMO, illegally occupied by squatters some 40 years ago, is experimental state Christiania. You can get here through a small entrance near the water.

Here you will find yourself among houses of different sizes, shapes and colors. Some of them are quite ridiculous painted, some – surrounded by these landfills from old Bicycle wheels, gas cylinders and planks. To photograph here, but gently, and on the approach to Pusher street, the main street of Christiania, the camera should be stored away. Society here noticeably warm alcohol and light drugs, which are sold in this tiny country is absolutely free, and extremely loves the lenses. Warning prohibiting photos and videos is written here on every post in huge letters.

Tourists on this street is not in danger, but if you are uncomfortable to wander alone along the paths of Christiania, you can always take a tour — the main sights of Denmark, which include the territory of Christiania, are among the foreign visitors, high popularity, so the tour programs lot, and find a good tour guide is a snap.

2. Reread hamlet

Kronborg, the famous castle of hamlet, is located in helsingør, which is 45 km North of Copenhagen. In Shakespearean times, this place was so popular that many foreigners sincerely believed his current capital of Denmark.

High impregnable castle with a sharp spire, often okutyvaya milky fog that made Shakespeare such a strong impression that he "settled" in it the Prince of Denmark. For nearly 200 years, the castle regularly hosts various performances "hamlet".

If you want to admire the best views of the castle, take a ride on the local ferry. The ferry, plying between Swedish Helsingborg and Danish Elsinore several times an hour throughout the day (and a little less at night), offers simply amazing views of this architectural ensemble. Time the ferry route – about 20 minutes (4 km).

And in the area of Helsingør, on the shore of the øresund Strait, the most expensive in Denmark land. Here sturdy stone houses with thatched roofs are no less than modern design new buildings, constructed almost entirely of glass (prices start from EUR 2 million for a house area of 250 sq m and a plot of 10 acres of land).

3. To have fun in the wonder Park

When you want to have fun from the heart, go to Tivoli-the oldest amusement Park in Europe. Tivoli is located in the heart of Copenhagen, close to the main train station.

Locals believe that in Denmark there is no other place where so well preserved typical Danish spirit. Restaurants and small cafes with stuff, neat souvenir shops, various attractions, a colorful carousel, duck-boats, hundreds of burning lamps, bulbs and lights-all this creates a unique holiday atmosphere for children and adults.

This is typical of the Danish Park was created by officer Georg Carstensen, who spent his childhood in Algeria, then spent several years in America. Tivoli is constantly being improved and updated with modern attractions. Now the Park can be called the most visited place in Copenhagen. By the way, during the Christmas market (mid November to December) at the entrance line up, just a huge queue – in the cold season, especially all want miracles.

4. To find the most photographed in the Danish house

Despite the fact that located on Ærø island city Rescoring, in fact, is one big Museum under the open sky, and the fact that there are over hundreds of unique houses, the oldest of which is almost 400 years old, there is one special house. This house looks so picturesque that he can not pass the damn photographer. This small, ramshackle and grown into the earth building can often be seen on postcards, in magazines and calendars.

And yet, the island is a Park of wind turbines and one of the world's largest solar power plants. And in the fall flock here birdwatchers who want to see the phenomenon of "black Sun" thousands of small birds herded into a huge spherical of the pack.

To get on Era, you can only ferry that comes here several times a day. Alternative to visit Era can be a trip to the oldest surviving cities in Denmark-Ribe.

5. Count the number of Danish flags

I think it's just? But, no! In Denmark a cult Dannebrog-the national flag.

In an ordinary day you can see several hundreds of bright red-white flags. The Danes decorated with flags, houses and cars, government buildings, parks and kindergartens. If you see studded with flags garden near private house – this means that the owner is celebrating his birthday.
Returning from abroad family and friends, the Danes welcomed with flags in their hands. Miniature flags decorated cakes and cakes at markets and in stores so marked local products. Buy Danish flag out of wood, fabric or paper you can in every office supply store or souvenir shop.

6. To become a brave knight

The number and brilliance of the organization of medieval festivals Denmark – ahead of the rest. The roar of cannon, racing on horseback fearless knights and archers shooting – here is a sight that will help you to plunge into the fascinating atmosphere of the middle Ages with its knightly tournaments and battles!

Every year in different cities it takes several dozen medieval festivals. Medieval market on the island of Bornholm – one of the most popular. This event is held in mid-July and lasts a week.

It's a real theater where you can see the epic battles, tournaments and scenes from everyday life of those centuries. To get to Bornholm by bus and high speed ferry or plane.

7. Embark on a gastronomic journey

In Noma, the most expensive and pretentious restaurant in Copenhagen you can taste the most unusual dishes. Prawns with rhubarb, white asparagus with poached egg and a sauce of sweet Woodruff – depending on the season here you will be offered these or any other equally unusual dishes.

Noma is located in a former fish warehouse on the waterfront in Christianshavn. Received two Michelin star restaurant known for their unusual interpretations of the old Scandinavian dishes – piquant emphasis on local wild herbs and berries makes them simply amazing. The cost of a seven-course dinner in the restaurant – will cost you about 1500 Danish kroner (about $ 300).

Another very interesting institution – patisserie La Glace on Skoubogade. La Glace is working on this place since 1870. Here it is necessary to go for Efterårskage of chocolate truffles in chocolate and a slice of amazing cake Sportskage cream with nougat almond cookies. However, due to the high popularity of this candy here almost always have some time to wait, until a place at the table.

And, of course, no tourist can not go past the most famous sights of Copenhagen-Nyhavn (New Harbour). This old channel with lots of moored ships, a number which comfortably perched a few dozen bars and restaurants.

8. A fast ride on a bike

Bikes in Denmark – a very popular form of transport. A third of all Copenhagen residents, at least, regularly use the Bicycle for trips to school, work or to visit.

Here you can see a special bike trailers for transporting children. All bikeways are marked with special markings and a little raised above the roadway.

In addition, the Danish capital has about 100 points where you can rent a bike for free. The only thing you will have to leave as a Deposit a coin 20 kroner – dropping it in a special machine in the place where you rent a bike, you can at any time take it back at any similar point of issue – returning the bike in place, you will get back your Deposit.

The location of the stands hire can always be seen on the map. You can also use the services of companies offering bikes for rent. For this service you have to pay about $ 15 a day.

Winter in Denmark is very popular for ice skating. In all cities in the Central squares in the open season more than a dozen ice rinks. You will be able to bring to it their own personal skates or rent equipment right on the spot. The price of hire – about 5-10 dollars.

9. To drink at the Christmas Bazaar Cup gliga

Because in Denmark before Christmas is quite cold and windy, and locals, and for visitors there is nothing better than drinking a Cup of delicious hot pega.

Buy gleg, you can not only in restaurants or cafes, but also at the Christmas bazaars and even on the streets. Gleg made from wine with added spices – cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, dried tangerine peel, raisins, nuts and sugar. For the strength of the drink is sometimes added vodka, brandy or aquavit. Soft gleg the Danes do of juice.

The drink is good by itself, and snacks – with ginger cookies, donuts or toasted almonds. There is a popular alternative to Pegu – beer. And even before Christmas in Denmark it is necessary to eat a traditional rice pudding with cinnamon.

10. Go shopping

Best place for shopping in Denmark – this, of course, the pedestrian street strøget in Central Copenhagen.

Here the shops and boutiques that sell everything-from shoes and jewelry to Souvenirs and furniture, interspersed with restaurants and cafes. Antique and rare book shops of the famous street of Bredgade and Læderstræde and on Amagertorv is to go for stylish interior decorations.

A couple hours should be allocated for boutiques designer clothing in Pilestræde - Samsøe & Samsøe, Designers Remix, Charlotte Eskildsen, By Malene Birger, Day Birger et Mikkelsen, and others. It is worth remembering that on Saturday many shops are closed early and on Sunday – and it is not working.


Date of publication: 21.11.2013