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Christmas fairs. Where lives a fairy tale?


European Christmas markets – this is one of the most popular tourist winter attractions.

Bright and very colorful, they are real little Christmas villages, where you can not only find a variety of gifts and Souvenirs but also to try amazing Goodies that are prepared right here at special kiosks and pavilions.

If you visit a Christmas fair or Bazaar, the sea of positive emotions and bright impressions only fabulous festive atmosphere of the European cities, you will be guaranteed, so feel free to include Christmas markets 2016-2017 in the programme of his winter holidays, prepare large suitcases under the purchase and heading into the winter holiday fun!

Christmas markets in Europe 2016-2017:

Bright and very colorful Christmas markets is decorated in the form of these little Christmas villages, where you can not only find a variety of gifts and Souvenirs but also to try amazing Goodies that are prepared right here at special kiosks and pavilions.

Christmas fair in Paris

November 25 (until January 2, 2017) on the Champs elysées has opened the first Christmas market of Paris. On the main street of the city has already established extraordinary Christmas village with wooden houses-shops, where you can buy many different Souvenirs and delicacies. At the winter fair in Paris, you will be able to try not only pancakes, waffles and hot chocolate, but specialises in French food and drink – foie Gras, truffles, champagne and different kinds of cheese.

Fair in Copenhagen

Christmas market Tivoli Gardens-Copenhagen is already open (12 Nov). The market will work in 2017 to 1 January. This year the fair will be themed-guests and tourists can plunge into the fascinating traditions of a Scandinavian Christmas. Everyone will be able to ride new rides: the Siberian Express, Russian Troika, Chinese lantern, musical carousel and swing. As in years past, lake Park turns into a skating rink, and traditional stalls will offer its customers the pancakes with different fillings, honey cakes and traditional Scandinavian cookies klejners.

Christmas market in Vienna

To see the famous Christmas markets of Austria, having visited Vienna 12 Nov to 24 Dec 2016 — it was at this time in the town hall square unfolds a winter Wonderland. Hundreds of neat little pavilions adorned with pine roofs offer their customers painted Christmas decorations, Souvenirs, Christmas figurines, warm clothes and handmade Souvenirs, sweets and fragrant hot mulled wine.

During a walk through the Vienna Christmas market be sure to treat yourself with a hot roasted almonds and a Cup of spicy mulled wine — this magical taste of Christmas everyone should feel!

Fair for Christmas in Salzburg

17 Nov to 26 Dec will work fair of Cathedral square and the four public higher education institution — Salzburg. In the program of the fair this year, choral singing, performance of bands and exhibition in the backyard of the four public higher education institution.

Christmas market in Dresden

Dresden Münzgasse. It is the oldest Christmas market in Germany, to visit which you will be able from 24 November to 24 December 2016. this year you can expect a memorable performance: in the center of the market square will be installed manufactured by craftsmen of the Erzgebirge mountains 14-meter-high pyramid, which on 10 December will turn into a puppet theater with animated wooden figures. 14 Dec (second Sunday of the month) in Dresden Münzgasse choose the gingerbread Princess and will hold the annual festival of fruit cake “tunnels”.

The Budapest fair

From 25 November to 29 December 2016 will last the Main Christmas market in Budapest. Is this authentic winter market in the Central pedestrian square station.

Incredibly delicious mulled wine, Souvenirs, jewelry, clothing and handmade accessories, traditional Hungarian treats and plenty of racy stuff will melt ice in the hearts of even the most demanding tourists. And those guests of the holiday market who likes a more vibrant modern shopping, will appreciate the nearby boutiques and shops of famous European brands, restaurants and small cozy cafes.

Fair in Brussels

From 25 November to 1 January 2016 will last fair of the Grand place in Brussels. This is a huge Christmas market, which consists of 240 houses-pavilions, where you can find everything your heart desires. Visitors to the fair be sure to try traditional Belgian food - donuts, waffles, mussels, litorina and, of course, local beer. This year at the fair the Place de La Monnaie will be installed light and sound interactive installation “iceberg”.

The Prague Christmas fair

26 Nov 2013-1 Jan 2017 will be held the Christmas fair in Prague's old town square. This year you will be able to buy at the Christmas market of handmade decorations, candles, crystal, wooden, handmade toys and classic Czech marionettes. Guests of the fair will be entertained with traditional Mead, and local artists will entertain the guests with short plays and concerts.


Date of publication: 18.11.2013