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Rest in Tokyo with child. What to see?


If you decide to spend your winter vacation with your family in Japan, namely in the capital of this amazing country, you will definitely think about the question: what are some activities for children in Tokyo?

Make your Christmas holiday with children in Japan was the most interesting and rich, for making entertainment you can always use our list of Japanese parks and play centres for children of all ages.

Here you will find excellent entertainment options for both young children and teenagers. Also, on our website you can also watch list of hotels in Tokyo that offer most comfortable conditions for accommodation with young children, as well as information about the traditions and characteristics of New year celebrations in Japan. You may also be helpful best children's parks in Europe for example, if you plan to go with your child to relax in Europe, not in Asia.

Disneyland in Tokyo

For children who are familiar with the cartoons of Walt Disney studios, a trip to Tokyo Disneyland will be just a wonderful gift. But if you expect from this Japanese amusement Park is something special, you may be a little disappointed – it created the standards of the European Disneyland, and in the design or operation of amusement rides nothing particularly Japanese no – bright, colorful, fun, but very European.

The theme Park is Disney sea

But an amusement Park, Disney sea will be much more interesting for those who want something unusual and certainly Japanese. Disney si – this is a local Japanese development, the likes of which you will not find anywhere else in other countries.

Here you will find many water attractions and entertainment that will be more interesting to adults and children older than babies.

Park Disney sea is located next to Tokyo Disneyland, and operates around a lot of different hotels and souvenir shops, so you can perfectly combine visiting these two parks.

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LegoLand in Odaiba

Big and little fans of LEGO will appreciate the entertainment center LegoLand Discovery Center. Here guests can also enjoy numerous attractions and gaming halls, a cinema and, of course, are loved by both adults and children attributes of the European Legoland – figures, statues and whole towns built of LEGO blocks.

The Studio Ghibli Museum

For children who love the anime, Tokyo will be especially interesting Museum of Studio Ghibli is located in mitaka area (a suburb of the capital). This small Museum is your child waiting for a full program – during the tour he will be able to learn more about the creation of the popular cartoon anime, look at the Studio where they do the inside and to visit the library, which is a source of inspiration for the Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki.

Very convenient that the on-site Museum has a small cafe and gift shop, but minus the fun here may be that almost all information is presented exclusively in Japanese. The English language is almost never used.

Museum tickets Studio Ghibli is to book in advance, indicating the day and time.

Baby lock Omotesando Children castle

Children's castle Children's castle in Omotesando Tokyo – this is an excellent entertainment and educational center for the youngest children.

Here under the supervision of good teachers, the children make crafts out of clay in the creative studios, painted on the wall and learn to climb the ropes, explore different tunnels and mazes. On warm Sunny days on the top floor of the Tokyo Children's Castle there is a swimming pool with water and filled with colourful balls pool, Bicycle Playground. In addition, there is a music room and a video library, and regularly hosts performances at the puppet theatre.

On a separate floor for the parents there is a special room for feeding and hygiene procedures.

Museum Hello Kitty

Virtually all small children just love the funny Japanese cat Hello Kitty, which in popularity is in Japan, one of the first places among cartoon characters. Therefore, if you travel to Tokyo with a baby, be sure to visit the Hello Kitty Museum. The cost of the ticket, of course, quite high, but your child will be guaranteed a sea of delight and pleasure from the trip.

Bath complex Oedo-onsen Monogatari

Those who go for traditional Japanese flavor, will appreciate located on an artificial island in Odaiba, Tokyo centre, bath complex Oedo-onsen Monogatari.

Here you can not only look the part, but also to immerse themselves in the exotic atmosphere of medieval Japan. Japanese bath and massages, traditional Japanese cuisine and beverages, a variety of clowns and jugglers on the streets of the old "Edo" will make your stay in this complex very interesting for both adults and children.

The Ueno zoo

Ueno – is the largest zoo in Tokyo. The zoo is very popular among tourists, and among native Japanese. Here you will see a variety of animals, birds and reptiles, which are kept here in just perfect conditions. If you have free time, desire and opportunities, is also worth visiting Tama zoo, located in the suburb of Tachikawa.


Among children's parks one of the best is the West. Located on a former airfield, so there are a huge number of different rides and amusements. Vacationers here will find a lot of playgrounds with swings and Playground equipment, beautiful Japanese garden, excellent location for picnicking and even a swimming pool under the open sky. Unfortunately, the pool opening times are limited to two months – visit it you will be able only in July and August.

In the Tokyo area also have another large and very popular Park with a rather telling title – “nation of Children”. There is a swimming pool, carousel rides and all sorts of skipping rope-climbing frame. In addition, children will visit a small zoo located in the Park where they can socialize with the local inhabitants closer.

Park Shin Nishi-Rokugo

And next to the Kawasaki plant in Tokyo, there is a very unusual amusement Park for children of Nishi-Rokugo. All the local attractions and sculptures desistalei of tires. Today, the number of tyres used for the construction of children's Park, more than 3,000 pieces. By the way, many attractions and sites here are not just for kids but for adults – the spacing lying on the sand pads tires are calculated on the length of the step of the adult person or teenager older.

Amusement Park Tokyo Dome Amusement Park

If you are traveling to Tokyo with a couple of kids, take them to the amusement Park Tokyo Dome Amusement Park. There are many attractions and entertainment for younger guests of all ages. For the youngest there is always work bright cheerful carousel, playgrounds and mazes, and adolescents provides a full set of adrenaline rides and roller coasters.

Yoyogi Park

Yoyogi Park – very bright and beautiful Park located in the heart of the capital. Here, kids will always find something to their liking, while adults can relax at the picnic. In Tokyo's Yoyogi Park you can rent bicycles and play different sports games or just have a quiet family picnic and stroll among the fountains.

Several local attractions – at the dog Park usually always have fun razreshennye Pets, and in the evenings in the Park are going to be cosplayers.

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Date of publication: 28.11.2013