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Rest in Carpathians in the winter of 2016


Carpathians… Winter is… Stay… the Combination of these three words ignites in the soul of every Ukrainian tourist who truly loves the beautiful nature of Ukrainian Carpathians, is an incredible explosion of bright emotions, pleasant impressions, and, most importantly, the desire-the desire to go to the Carpathians!

What is the winter rest in the Carpathians? Many different impressions, interesting winter sports and entertainment for every taste (as for adult travelers and for kids), amazing Transcarpathian cuisine, hospitable residents and, of course, a fantastic beauty of nature. Covered with snow capped mountains, cosy Carpathian hotels and picturesque houses of local residents, majestic forests and gentle mountain slopes, as if painted by the brush of a talented artist forever remain in the hearts of those who at least once came on a winter vacation in the Ukrainian Carpathians.

By the way, the ski season in the Carpathians usually lasts from November to March, that's why they come here not just for Christmas and new year holidays-skiing is possible and in the late autumn and early spring.

Looking to go on holiday to the Carpathian mountains? Winter 2016 is waiting for you!

Winter holidays in the Carpathians 2016

If the winter holidays are always associated with a slight frost, fluffy snow, delicious pogruzivshis underfoot, and a fabulous mood, but also in Dnepropetrovsk, and in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities (not to mention the southern part of the country) the last couple of decades of New year and Christmas are usually not in the winter. Damp, sleet, near zero temperatures and chilly rain – unfortunately, they have long been the faithful companions of new year and Christmas holidays. And this sad trend evokes nostalgia and kids who want to toboggan and plenty to play in the snow during the winter holidays, and adults, for whom such grey gloomy “holidays” become a logical continuation of the grey working days.

But in the Carpathians for the New year, all very different. Here is a real winter, similar to the illustrations for some magical children's tale: the cold, the snow, the bright winter sun and crystal-clear mountain air create mesmerizing urban dweller atmosphere that makes the rest of the New year in the Carpathians truly fabulous and festive.

And now the abundance of entertainment – skis, snowboards, sleds, riding on sleds and many other equally interesting and exciting kinds of winter sports, will help to spend your winter holidays in the Carpathians is bright and fun.

Ski in Carpathian mountains

Skiing in the Carpathians plenty able and adults and children – there are tracks of different difficulty levels, there are ski schools with children's and adult groups, the services of professional instructors which are quite inexpensive.

In Western Ukraine now has several dozen excellent ski resorts with slopes for skiers with different levels of training, the slopes for off-piste skiing and snowboarding. Almost all the resorts are concentrated in the cities, Bukovel, Yaremche, Shayan, Slavsko and Pylypets, Volosyanka village, the glade, Sergius, Polanica, Bruise, Sorochyn, Tatariv, Yablunytsia, Yasinya.

Popular ski resorts in the Carpathians:

Improvement in the Carpathians

In addition, winter in the Carpathians can be excellent to improve your health and to improve health for the whole family – there are many great resorts that well with healing mineral waters and thermal springs.

Mineral springs of the Carpathians:

Most popular health resorts of Transcarpathia:

Thermal pools of the Carpathians:

And yet, except for winter sports and recreation, winter Carpathians always give their guests a lot of bright impressions from the amazing culture of different peoples and ethnic groups: Hutsul, Boyko, Lemkos, Romanians, Hungarians, Slovaks living in the Western regions of the country, still observe their customs and traditions-unusual and very interesting.

Fans of good cuisine will also receive a winter rest in the Carpathians a lot of positive impressions-the festive kitchen will allow you to appreciate the traditional food of Christmas and new year's table.

How to book a tour for the New year and Christmas in the Carpathian mountains?

View the top most popular tours to Ukraine from the company «Express Tour» here. To learn about other options and recreational tours and travels in Ukraine, to clarify the availability of rooms in your accommodation Carpathian or Transcarpathian resorts, as well as for pricing and new year (Christmas) program, call the office Online Tikets on one of the numbers: +38 (0562) 31-91-91, +38 (050) 383-91-91 or +38 (067) 531-14-11. Contact our managers and request a call back using the form of online chat on the right.

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Date of publication: 03.11.2014