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New year and Christmas 2014. Mauritius


Culture of Mauritius – an amazing cocktail of different movements and trends flavored with a special local flavor. If you decide to celebrate the New year and Christmas in Mauritius during your new year holiday, you will definitely get at least a few local festivals, celebrations and spectacular processions.

Each of these events is very noisy, bright and colorful. For example, the celebration of the Chinese New year here is not without colorful parades with fireworks, dragons, in addition, in honor of the most of the holidays made a real feast.

Mauritius winter: tropical Paradise

When the calendar winter in Mauritius reigns now tropical summer. The locals are very friendly and always welcome guests, and the mesmerizing beauty of nature combined with a nice luxurious hotels where you will find just excellent service.

Many amazingly smooth beaches with fine white sand, all iridescent shades of deep turquoise ocean, the cozy coves and fantastic beauty of the underwater world – all this makes Mauritius a real pearl of the Indian ocean. So if you decide to spend your winter holiday in Mauritius, he is sure to become your magical tropical fairy tale.

For diving enthusiasts there is a real Paradise – warm ocean water (the whole year the water temperature in Mauritius is held in the mark +23-27°C) hide a lot of secrets and treasures, which will not leave indifferent true connoisseurs.

For lovers of excursions in Mauritius too there is a lot of interesting things:

You can visit the Holy lake of Grand Bassin, located in the crater of an extinct volcano. On the shores of this picturesque lake is a very beautiful Hindu temple.

In the capital of Mauritius, Port Louis, you will be able to see religious and cult constructions: Jumma mosque, Hindu-Tamil temple, the Cathedral of St. James. Be sure to look at the famous Chinese statue with rocks and visit the local market, which is something of a cross between the Paris market and classic Oriental Bazaar. From the lookout you can nasladitsa magnificent panorama of the entire city.

In Curepipe you can buy a variety of Souvenirs – models of ships of 15-18 centuries, local textiles, ivories, porcelain and wood.

Pamplemousses-a Botanical garden of Mauritius, where you will be able to see the black and red trees, different species of plants and, of course, the famous giant water lilies, known for their leaves that can withstand weight up to 45 kg.

Want adrenaline? In the Park of crocodiles “La vanila” freely wandering giant tortoises and Nile crocodiles. Here you can see a huge collection of reptiles and 20 000 different species of insects including butterflies from all over the world. By the way, here you can see how to grow vanilla.

Those who love exotic in nature will truly appreciate the amazing Chamarel colored earth. Only here you can see the unusual combination of lush greenery plants with red, blue, green and yellow soil.

By the way, if your winter holiday in Mauritius to get to the second half of winter, you will definitely see how here celebrated South Indian Kazadi – the day of the purification of bad deeds. You will be able to see lots associated with this date rituals, including walking on hot coals, religious performances and processions.


Date of publication: 15.11.2013