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New year and Christmas holidays 2014. Poland


Haven't decided where it will meet winter holidays this year? If you want to plunge into the extraordinary atmosphere of a winter fairy tale and touch traditions you can celebrate the New year and Christmas in one of the most beautiful countries in Eastern Europe – Poland.

If you go for a vacation this winter in Poland, you can be sure – this winter vacation will be unforgettable for you and your family.

Poland — an amazing country with a long history, shrouded in many mysteries and legends.

The poles are anxious to keep their traditions, so there is still possible to see a lot of amazing customs, traditional Polish cuisine prepared according to old recipes and, of course, to learn many new and interesting things about this exciting its indescribable flavor country.

The day of St. Sylvester

Did you know that the New year in Poland also called the Day of St. Sylvester? It is believed that on 31 December he died the Holy Pope of Rome Sylvester I, therefore, for the poles, as Catholics, 31 Dec – more the Day of Saint Sylvester, the New year. On this day in Poland pay Holy prayers, put on festive costumes and even use the phrase Sylvester-Claus (a variation on Santa Claus). If during your Christmas holiday in Poland you will hear the question: “Where they plan to meet Sylvester?" you know – you asked specifically about new year's eve party.

New year in Poland is always surprising to Ukrainian tourists by the lack of bustle and huge crowds of people on the streets in the last days of December. Most poles celebrate Christmas with family, and then leaving to rest, returning directly to the New year. That's why new year's eve in Poland is so convenient for tourists – at this time you can safely walk around town, visit local attractions and just enjoy the winter beauty of Polish architecture.

Winter holidays in Poland

New year in Poland is always noisy and fun – by the evening of 31 December on the streets appears a lot of people, and begins the real winter holiday. So around 7-8 PM make sure you go to the city centre – there, in the squares and surrounding streets, will start dancing, will be street actors and musicians, thunder fireworks and the river will flow, ganez. It is worth noting that every Polish city on new year's eve is preparing its own program, so every year you will definitely see something new.

New year holidays in Poland lasts from 25 December to 2 January – such a contrast to the usual for Ukrainian Christmas holidays due to the fact that the Catholic Christmas is on December 25, not January 7 as in the Orthodox countries.  Christmas in Poland – the most important winter holiday.

Christmas in Poland

Since Christmas eve in Poland is traditionally considered a family holiday, the majority of poles trying to meet him at home, and every family before that are preparation. Each Polish mistress from the morning's planning for General cleaning in the house, preparing twelve dishes, decorate the room and decorates the Christmas tree. A festive table is prepared in strict accordance with the traditions of the Church, so all the dishes prepared for Christmas eve, Lenten: fish, porridge, traditional red soup with ears, Christmas cakes. In addition, on the Polish Christmas table is always a big dish of wafers and some of Polish families still put under the Christmas table a bit of straw – in memory of the Bethlehem cave.

Noting Christmas in Poland, you will be amazed at the hospitality of the poles – traditionally the celebration definitely called to join lonely people, because in this magical evening no one should be lonely, and people are always ready to share a part of his Christmas tales. And for the Christmas table always leave a free spot – suddenly some guest look at the light? And 25 December in Poland there is a tradition to visit each other's homes. The owners of the house, be sure to bring treats and wine, happy Christmas and generously share with others your festive mood.

Winter Warsaw

Warsaw during the winter holidays – is a fascinating spectacle. In the New year on the streets you will find many statues and figurines of angels pouring the ringing of bells and sounds of a festive garland lights decorating houses and trees. And on each door necessarily hanging small Christmas wreath of pine needles, adorned with ribbons, berries and the little bells. In the Central square of Warsaw is the main tree of the country and fly fireworks, so around her reigns unstoppable fun and does not stop a real holiday. If you decide to celebrate New year 2014 with family in Warsaw, you give yourself, and your loved ones to an amazing winter Wonderland that will never be forgotten.

Snow  tale of Warsaw

Want to see majestic buildings, beautiful snowy parks and to feel every moment of the winter mystery, which prevails in the old European cities? Go to New year and Christmas in Warsaw!

Warsaw is beautiful at any time of the year – amazing architecture, many attractions and monuments will always find something to surprise you. Be sure to visit the Royal route, which formed the most beautiful streets of the city. He connects the three Royal residences: the Palace of Wilanów, the Royal castle and the Lazienki Palace. In Lazienki Park you can admire surrounded by the Park's pond famous Polish “house” and Frideric Chopin's monument. But especially the beautiful Old Town of Warsaw in winter, during Christmas vacation when everything is covered with snow, and, nothing beats a real fancy feast.

For the New year in Zakopane – big and small

If you prefer a more active holiday and want to celebrate New year and Christmas 2014 at a good ski resort, be sure to pay attention to Zakopane. Excellent tracks, good infrastructure and a complex of winter fun from the first seconds will win and big and little guests. And winter nights in Zakopane in nature leave a whole string of horse-drawn sleighs decorated with shining lights – a fascinating spectacle will leave no one indifferent. Looking for sliding on a snowy road the horse-drawn carriages, everyone can feel the magic atmosphere of the middle ages.

Christmas and New year in Zakopane will give you and your family a lot of bright impressions: ski-sports complex, a private entertainment, fireworks, clubs and restaurants within the resort will not let you get bored for a second. If you are planning a holiday in Zakopane with children, your kids will appreciate  is located near Zakopane  Park, where every child can find entertainment to his liking. And for fans of excursions will be especially interesting nature tours Poland: Kostelska valley, Morskie Oko, Ojców national Park and the Belovezhskaya Pushcha.


Date of publication: 13.11.2013