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New Year 2014: Estonia


When winter come the holidays, Estonia just transformed, becoming a true embodiment of winter in the Northern tales.

Everyone who goes to celebrate New year and Christmas in Estonia, is bound to be humbled by the breathtakingly beautiful nature with its snow-covered forests, European neat streets and beautiful architecture.

Winter holidays in Estonia are starting to Shine with thousands of colorful lights, festive lights, squares unfold the colorful Christmas markets and in small shops in the streets selling various Goodies.

In all the cities of this amazing country during the holidays the streets are very bright and elegant. Right on the streets you will see beautiful Christmas trees, decorated with Christmas toys, and in every window is sure flickering candles, creating a surprisingly bright and festive atmosphere.

Before the New year and Christmas in Estonia all residents preparing gifts, decorations and treats for the holiday table. Every family stored a huge amount of snacks and sweets. Previously, the Estonian Christmas tree decorated with only handmade toys of straw, which before the holidays wove the whole family. But because now there got more and more popular modern Christmas decorations, a family tradition of preparing the holiday decor was only in the weaving of wreaths from pine needles and making wooden figures.

In Estonia it is considered that encountered on the street chimney sweep – that's good luck, so don't be surprised when you see many clay figurines of chimney sweeps of different sizes – here is a very popular souvenir for winter holidays.

In Estonia, Santa Claus is Youvana. It is very similar to the Finnish Joulupukki: he has the same long white beard, red coat, trimmed with white fur, and a conical cap with a white pompom. In the team of the Estonian Santa is also fantastic characters – good little gnomes in funny pointed hats.

January 1 – special for Estonians, since they believe in an omen that the day will meet, and will take all year, so the first day of the new year everyone is trying to spend as vividly as possible.

But in addition to the Christmas holiday festivities there are many other options for celebrating New year and Christmas in Estonia.

If you like an active winter holiday, you'll appreciate the ski resort of otepää, which bears the proud title of winter capital of Estonia. In ski centers “Kairiku” and “Tehvandi" of the favorite places of recreation for the fans of winter sports, visitors can offer a variety of ski jumps, ski slopes and, of course, rental equipment.

Not less popular among skiers Tallinn nõmme and Pirita districts, in which also there are ski slopes of varying difficulty. Besides, every tourist can use the services of professional instructors.

If you have decided to spend winter holidays in Estonia, you can be sure – miss you here won't be, because here tourists enjoy a variety of entertainment – skiing, snowboarding and tobogganing, winter Hiking, fishing at the hole and more. In addition, many festive parades, exhibitions and fairs always create for you a magical holiday atmosphere. Christmas and new year tours to Estonia will bring you a sea of fun!


Date of publication: 13.12.2013