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New year bus tours: celebrate 2015 New year in Europe


And have you decided where to celebrate New year 2015? Before the winter holidays just a month left, and with the decision of this question it's time to hurry, so travel services Online Tikets prepared for our customers who like bus tours, a small cheat sheet on the organization of the Christmas holiday.

We have 5 great ideas how and where to celebrate New year in Europe: five of this year's best and most popular options for Christmas travel!

To explore the countries of Europe covered by the joyous pre-holiday bustle, to go on exciting excursions to see the famous sights, like in winter Wonderland magic shrouded in a blanket of snow, and, of course, to fully enjoy the festive atmosphere and unforgettable to celebrate the New year in the city of your dreams – what could be better?

Christmas bus tour will bring you to a spectacular holiday fireworks and bright concerts, loud parties, happily counting down the last seconds of the outgoing year, and champagne. Mild European winter, the fabulous illumination and a lot of surprises around will provide you a terrific festive mood!

Top 5 European cities for the New year:

London, UK

New year's eve to celebrate in London — today it is one of the most popular cities among tourists from Ukraine. If you want to meet the moment of the new year under the chiming clock in the performance of the famous big Ben, and enjoy a fantastic holiday fireworks show, which, incidentally, is one of the best in the world, but Christmas coach tours in London will bring your dreams to life.

By the way, January 1, 2015 in London will be held on New Year's Day Parade — the largest Christmas parade in Europe. The celebrations will start on Piccadilly at 11:45 and will last until 15:00.

Berlin, Germany

The next popular option for meeting the main winter holiday — Berlin. New year, known in Germany as the Day of St. Sylvester (December 31), celebrated in Berlin vividly.

Every year on the night of December 31 to January 1 at the Brandenburg gate is going about a million people to meet here New year. Also among tourists from different countries are very popular in this festive night of oberbaum bridge and the night club Berghain.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

No less popular bus tours in new year 2015 will Amerstdam — the capital of the Kingdom of the Netherlands from year to year winter delights its guests amazing beauty of the fireworks on new year's eve mass celebrations, champagne and festive Goodies. You haven't tried oliebollen, Dutch donuts Christmas? Small balls of dough in icing sugar, cooked in deep fat, are a traditional winter delicacy that is prepared and, accordingly, is eaten during the winter holidays, just huge amounts.

The most popular places to celebrate New year in Amsterdam: Leidse square (Leidseplein), Rembrandt Square (Rembrandtplein) and Museum square (Museumplein).

Rome, Italy

New year, Day of Saint Sylvester (San-Silvestro), in Rome most of the Romans and foreign tourists are celebrating in Piazza del Popolo. Here is a big new year's fireworks, and free musical.

New year's bus rounds across Europe, a program which provides for a meeting of New year in Rome, usually enjoy very high popularity of those tourists who plan to holiday trip with families or friends. Mild climate, warm company and a lot of people of different nationalities and ages around allow you to meet the coming year is bright, fun and very Italian!

Vienna, Austria

In Austria, the new 2015 could be completely different: relaxed, elegant, and true European wild or vibrant, noisy and truly enchanting — it all depends on where exactly you will be celebrating a new year.

The noise and merriment in the New year in Vienna is on the streets — the traditional theatrical performances, live concerts with music of different styles and trends, the festive broadcast on the big screens and coming at midnight, the solemn tints of the bells Pummerin create in the squares and streets of the Austrian capital amazing festive atmosphere.

And in the Guildhall of Vienna, a luxurious hotel, the Imperial Hofburg and the schönbrunn castle high audience enjoying the festive night, the virtuoso playing of the orchestra, flowing rhythms of the classic waltz, a Banquet and a concert by Vienna's best performers. The festivities take place here slowly, elegantly and very effectively.

Nice new year vacation in Europe!


Date of publication: 02.12.2014