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Madrid in 48 hours — what to see?


We continue the series of articles about interesting tourist attractions of different countries and cities with a story about Madrid. What to see in the Spanish capital, if you only have two days to get acquainted with this amazing city? The biggest attractions and most interesting places in Madrid!

To start with, Madrid is the highest European capital (it is located at an altitude of 655 meters above sea level) and, moreover, one of the most visited cities in Spain. Here you will find a lot of interesting places, interesting monuments and amazing museums, and also you can relax in any of about 40 city parks and gardens.

Despite the fact that the atmosphere in Madrid is not the same as, for example, in Barcelona, ​​it is worthwhile to come here to wander through the busy squares and streets, get acquainted with the "lush" nightlife of the city and be sure to get into one of the best museums of classical painting in the world — the Prado Museum.

Transportation in Madrid

As you know, Madrid's metro is simply magnificent (it's one of the oldest, the most developed and the best metro systems in the world). It has up to 12 lines plus an underground R-train, which is an integral part of the metro and connects the stations of Opera and Principe Pio. With regard to trams or the so-called Metro Ligero, the city can use three lines, which are also an integral part of the Madrid Metro.

Also you can comfortably travel around the city by bus (there are more than 200 city bus lines running here). An interesting format for traveling around Madrid is the use of Teleferico, a cable car passing through the city between Paseo Pintor Rosales and Casa de Campo.

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Madrid Attractions, top 10

Look in Madrid, definitely, there is something. Even we will tell more — in this city there is not enough, what to look at (to visit, try — it is necessary to underline) it is not necessary. Tell about interesting places in Madrid can be long and tasteful. Yes, you probably know about this and so. Therefore, today we will walk through the most interesting city sights — such a must have for a tourist in Spain. We hope that it will be useful, especially for those who plan to go to Madrid for the first time. So, we get to know the Spanish capital closer!

The Prado Museum

The Prado Museum is a must on the excursion list during a trip to Madrid for any traveler. Yes, it is so categorical. Why? In this neoclassical building, built in the time of Charles III, today collected the greatest collection of classical painting in the world. To see the masterpieces of the brush El Greco, Diego Velasquez, Francisco Goya, Bosch, Titian, Rembrandt, Rubens, Albrecht Durer and other brilliant artists, you need to come to the museum until 18:00. By the way, on Sundays the entrance to the museum is free, so here you can face very large queues.

The Queen Sofia Art Center

If you are a connoisseur of modern art, the real paradise for you will be the Queen Sofia Art Center, located in a building once owned by the San Carlos Hospital. Luxury exhibitions of paintings by famous avant-garde artists, a lot of priceless paintings and sculptures — here you can see real masterpieces! Separate expositions include the works of Salvador Dalí and Pablo Picasso.

Royal Palace of Madrid

The Madrid royal palace was built in the early eighteenth century on the site of an ancient Moorish fortress by order of Philip V. In the palace you will see the frescoes of the work of Caravaggio and other talented masters of those times, magnificent collections of ancient weapons, Stradivari violins, Flemish tapestries, exquisite antique furniture, the best Venetian mirrors and a lot of priceless art objects. The Royal Palace is a real museum, storing real treasures in halls, galleries and chambers, which in themselves are a real treasure.

Every first Wednesday of the month from 12:00 to 13:00 you can see the ceremonial change of the guard in front of the Throne Room.

Retiro Park

If you are looking for the perfect place to relax and relax after a day of sightseeing, a better option than the Retiro Park, probably. Just does not exist. Neat alleys and cozy corners with benches on which you can relax, quaint figures of green bushes, a lot of sculptures, fountains and a lake with pleasure boats, against which the majestic Palacio de Cristal rises — you will definitely like it here.

Egyptian Temple of Debod

Yes, you did not seem, it was the Egyptian temple in Madrid — a real ancient temple complex dedicated to the goddess Isis, is now in one of the Madrid parks. The Egyptian temple of Debod in the West Park is located since 1968 — Egypt gave Spain his thanks as a help in saving a huge number of ancient relics during the construction of the Aswan Dam. The park offers a very beautiful view of the oldest part of the city, the cathedral and the recreation area.

Plaza Mayor

In the end, everyone comes here — this square, paved with a small stone and surrounded by beautiful buildings with passages, is the heart of Madrid. In the center of Plaza Mayor there is a monument to Philip II, there are also two particularly interesting buildings — the House of the Bakers Guild and the House of the Guards of the Butchers. Every day thousands of tourists come here, life here is full of life, there are many small cafes and bars, where you will be offered a delicious lunch, a cup of coffee and refreshing drinks, so you can relax a little and go exploring the city with fresh forces.

Puerta del Sol

Another famous and very popular area among tourists in Madrid is the Puerta del Sol. Here ten streets of Madrid converge, so here it is very, very crowded. Next to the equestrian statue of Charles III, another interesting monument is erected on the square, embodying in the form of a statue the coat of arms of Madrid — a bear and a strawberry tree. Probably, this is one of the most popular places for shooting.

Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum

Another extremely interesting museum, which stores over 800 works of art from different periods — from the thirteenth century to the present day. The museum received its name in honor of Baron Hans Thiessen-Bornemis, who gave the Spaniards a significant part of his private collection. Here you will see the works of Titian, Goya, El Greco, Edgar Degas, Vincent Van Gogh, August Renoir and many other artists.

National Archaeological Museum of Madrid

The Archaeological Museum of Madrid is considered the best in Spain. Visit this place to see a lot of the most interesting exhibits, unique finds of different historical periods and countries. The real pearls of the museum fund are a collection of paintings, a stone bust of Ladies from Elche and a copy of the prehistoric caves of Altamira in museum gardens.

Plaza de la Villa

An ancient square surrounded by luxury apartment buildings of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, among which the magnificent Casa de Cisneros mansion is attracted by special attention. The building, dating from the 16th century, was created in a unique style for the Spanish capital, elegantly combining Gothic and classicism. The Villa Square is one of the oldest in the Spanish capital, it is one of Madrid's most popular attractions.


Date of publication: 20.12.2017