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Best festivals: March 2015


March has approached us quite close, and wait for the warm weather very long.

But spring — it's not only Sunny days, flowering trees and a good mood. In the first month of spring around the world like a lot of interesting events, festivals and carnivals, visit to which gives guests these colorful festive events a lot of pleasant impressions and good mood.

We have prepared for you a list of festivals for March 2015 by which you can make your journey brighter and more interesting. Our events calendar includes all the most popular tourist destinations, so you will definitely be able to find exactly the event that will be able to visit during his trip.

1 — 3 March: Carnival in Basel, Switzerland

Basel carnival in March, gathers every year thousands of tourists from all over the world, so during all three days of the festival is not just noisy and fun, and very, very noisy and fun. Bright shows, performances of actors and musicians, the folk festivals in local pubs and bars — only a small part of what awaits guests of this colorful holiday.

And will start the Carnival in Basel on March 1 at 4:00 in the morning with costumed and torchlight processions.

1 — 7 March: Carnival of Candelaria, Spain (Tenerife)

The carnivals in the Canary Islands are almost in every city. Carnival of Candelaria is very popular among tourists due to its originality. You will find a lot of dancing, contests, themed parades, festivals and events, including pure children's programs.

3 — March 28: Jazz festival in Barcelona, Spain

Has for 22 consecutive years each year, the Terrace (one of the districts of Barcelona) is a large jazz festival, during which the guests of the musical event will be able to listen to good quality music (not only jazz but other styles) in a live performance, to watch interesting movies, to visit exhibitions, lectures and conferences.

4 — March 15: the Rhine food and wine festival, Germany (Eltville)

The Rhine food and wine festival in 2015 will be a real feast for gourmets who like Portuguese, French and Austrian cuisine — that's what culinary trends will be devoted to a food festival this year. In addition to the gastronomic creations of a professional chef and guests of the festival will present a wine abundance: the best Rhine wines are available for tastings and purchases in many of the tasting benches.

6 — 10 March: Holi Festival, India

The festival of colors Holi (Phagwah)  always starts on the full moon and lasts for five days. During the celebration of Holi in India comes to a true color madness, so be prepared for the fact that in just a few minutes of being on the street you will be painted with special paints in all colors of the rainbow. Remember, it is believed that the more colors you hit, the more happiness and prosperity to you  want.

6 — March 14: Vinterfestuka in Narvik, Norway

Festival Vinterfestuka the middle of the last century is held in the Norwegian Narvik every day and in the last decade, this winter festival that was initially quite noticeable “French”, gradually became a purely Norwegian holiday, with its focus on local culture and ethnic group. During Vinterfestuka you can get acquainted with the era that prevailed in Norway in the nineteenth century, will see the old costumes, jewelry, hats, popular at the time, and also try local dishes, sweets and drinks.

6 — March 18: Festival of Irish culture in Manchester, UK

During the festival, which will last 12 days, Manchester will become the quintessence of the real old Ireland. Traditions, festivals, theater performances, concerts and national fun, in the spirit of Ireland are invariably noisy, bright and fun. The culmination of the festival will happen on March 17, St. Patrick's Day — you will have to wait for Grand events, parades and celebrations. This year during the Festival of Irish culture will also host a U2 concert.

12 — March 27: Festival of fantastic films, thrillers and science fiction in Brussels, Belgium

This annual film festival in Brussels will present to viewers a new author in the genre of science fiction. In parallel with the film screenings during the film festival hosts exhibitions of animation, body art, literature, science fiction, and displays a fantastic mod.

March 14: on the eve of the Festival of St. Patrick's Day, UK (London)

On this day the southern part of London becomes the venue for large-scale festivities: parades, music, dancing, traditional Irish food and drink and set a unique atmosphere of celebration in the spirit of good old Ireland.

14 — March 19: the Festival LasFallas, Spain (Valencia)

LasFallas festival is the largest and most popular event in Valencia. Each year, this colorful celebration gathers more than 2 million tourists from different corners of the world. The most famous “chip” festival — the parade of giant puppets made of papier-mache, depicting famous figures of politics, culture and show business. The day ends with a solemn ritual burning of the dolls and fireworks.

18 — March 21: national poetry festival StAnza, UK (St Andrews)

Reading the works of the young poets, presentations, exhibitions, lectures and conferences — the fans of the beautiful words from all over the world appreciate this creative festival for the opportunity not only to learn about a new poetic masterpieces and meet talented authors.

18 March – April 3: the International Comedy festival, UK (Glasgow)

Young, but already managed to become a popular festival of street Comedy in Glasgow covers the whole of the city: performances and theatrical productions take place not only on theatrical stages, but also in the streets, squares and parks. The Comedy festival 2015 will be attended not only by local actors and comedians, but also visitors of the company.

March 20: Caribbean festival Antilliaanse Feesten, Belgium (Merksem)

Festival Antilliaanse Feesten turn this corner of Belgium is a real Paradise for fans of Caribbean salsa. Because in this day in Mercime still pretty cool, the party is not being held outdoors, in a large spacious room that accommodates a large dance floor, musicians, tables with treats and more.

20 – 22 Mar: Balinese New year, Bali, Indonesia

New year in Bali is called Nyepi and is celebrated in a very original traditions. One of the main features of this day is that they all freeze, trying not to turn on the lights in the houses and not to give their presence to a host of evil spirits who are chosen from the ground during Nyepi, not noticed one of the men. New year in Bali — this is the only day in the year when the local airport is not officially open. The day after Nyepi there will be ceremonial burning of a feast of stuffed animals depicting the terrible underground spirits.

21 Mar: Nowruz (Turkey, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan) 

Nowruz is a spring equinox holiday, which is celebrated in the East for about 3000 years. The celebration of Navruz includes special holiday treats and a variety of cakes from cereals, cooked in a special ancient traditions.

25 — March 28: Indian culture Festival, Italy (Milan)

Indian art, customs, cuisine, dance and music of India are harvested annually in Milan more than 15,000 tourists from all over the world. During this brilliant and very interesting festival in Milan is transformed into a miniature India in which there is everything — from classic Indian cinema to classic Indian dishes and painted with henna Indian dancers.

March 28: the Journey down and up the bridge, Italy (Venice)

For the past 25 years in Venice, an unusual marathon, which starts early in the morning from Piazza San Marco. The essence of the event in the mass race, which covers all little known places of Venice: bridges, stairs and walkways. In the marathon involved a lot of both tourists and locals, at the end of the race each participant receives a medal. Participants there are three distances: 3, 10 and 14 kilometers.


Date of publication: 10.03.2015