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Freedom of choice

How to travel comfortably by plane


Traveling is interesting. New discoveries, impressions and acquaintances, a good rest and a lot of pleasant trifles make it a bright and rich holiday. The more smooth and serene the journey goes, the more fun you can get from the trip, and the good mood will last longer after its completion.

Long waiting for departure, delayed passage of registration procedures at the airport, and the flight itself is quite tiring, so they can spoil the mood of a tourist and worsen impressions even from the most desired trip.

How to make a flight comfortable? We have prepared for you five simple but effective tips for travelers who will help make your air travel much more pleasant than it could be.

The best time to fly

Despite the fact that many consider it more rational to go on the road from the evening, so that in the afternoon or even in the morning go to meet holiday joys and local sights, we will try to refute this statement. First, in the morning the probability of flight delay is slightly lower than in the evening, and secondly, in the mornings, turbulence is less, which makes the flight for aerofobs more comfortable. So, if it matters to you, try to reconsider the time of departure.

Special menu in the plane

Do you want more delicious food on board? Try to choose a special menu, and not the usual — kosher, halal, vegetarian or any other offered by your airline. Believe me, you will have a pleasant surprise — these dishes will be much more diverse and tastier than the standard edible set of conventional onboard food.

Choose drinks on board

We will not repeat the recommendations of doctors who convince us of the harm of alcoholic beverages, strong coffee and tea during the flight, but we will talk about hygiene. Did you know that the numerous tests of water used in airplanes to prepare hot drinks for passengers often show the presence of pathogenic bacteria in it? The saddest thing is that Staphylococcus aureus, E. coli and other unpleasant "friends" of the laboratory were found in samples from various airlines. Therefore, we suggest that you do not take risks, and give preference to a thoroughly factory-made temperature treatment of products — bottled water, beverages and juices in this case will be much safer, especially for small passengers.

The dirtiest place on the plane

In the continuation of the topic of hygiene, let's talk about the dirtiest and, therefore, the most dangerous places in the cabin of the aircraft, so prepare to experience a small cultural shock. Pockets located on the backs of passenger seats and folding tables — it would seem that they, as the most in-demand items during the flight, should always be completely ready for use by passengers, that is, clean and safe, but, alas, it is not so.

In the pockets during the flight, most passengers put a variety of rubbish, plus dust, crumbs and small rubbish constantly accumulate on their bottom, and a folding shelf in general is so multifunctional that it's even too much. Did you know that quite often they are used by passengers with young children as changing tables? Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you bring a pack of wet antibacterial napkins with you on board the aircraft, and before putting your sandwich past the tray on the folding table, remember diapers that may have just been lying right there on this place. Excuse me.

How not to freeze in an airplane?

Did you know that the air temperature is not the same in different parts of the cabin? Since during the flight the weather overboard pleases with a very solid frost (up to -60 — -65 ° С), the fuselage, accordingly, also achieves well, which can be felt on the ground near the portholes. The difference in temperature, of course, is not colossal, but to cause some inconvenience to passengers who decided to admire the scenic views from the window during the flight, they can. Especially it is felt in the summer, when clothes are as light as possible and practically are not capable of warming their owner. So, if you want to fly near a window, be sure to choose something warmer for the flight than a t-shirt with shorts, and you can enjoy not only landscapes with clouds, but also comfort.


Date of publication: 13.07.2017