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Game of Thrones — the best hotels for fans


The acclaimed movie «Game of Thrones», the film adaptation of the book series George R. R. Martin's «Song of ice and fire», has starred in numerous countries — Ireland, Italy, Spain, Croatia and other States played their role, becoming on the screens in the fantasy Kingdom of Westeros. The buildings, scenery and landscape elements that are shown in the film are computer graphics, but many places do exist in the real world, and they can not only see, but to visit in person.

Therefore, among fans of the series recently very popular new type of tourism — travel to the places of filming «Game of Thrones», during which tourists discover the hunt for the fragments of the seven kingdoms, scattered around the world.

You will also want to visit king's landing, photographed in the garden of the castle, the Sun Spear, which the Martells ruled Dorne, or to explore the Iron Islands? We will tell you where to stay during your journey through the filming locations of Game of Thrones!

Visit the Royal Harbour

Location: Dubrovnik, Croatia

Recommended hotel: Villa Dubrovnik 5*

The famous capital of Westeros, king's landing in real life is named Dubrovnik. Beautiful old town in Croatia situated on the Adriatic coast, has become a platform for filming most part of the scenes from the capital of the Seven Kingdoms, and the Lovrijenac Fortress turned into a Red castle. Attractions in Dubrovnik a lot, and find among them the familiar scenes of places — very interesting.

Want to admire every morning on king's landing from your window? Stay at the hotel Villa Dubrovnik 5* and you will not regret about your choice! An excellent hotel complex in Dubrovnik, located on the cliffs, offers its guests comfortable conditions of accommodation, spacious rooms and great service. Lovely views of Dubrovnik can be enjoyed from the rooms, the pool and the restaurant terrace.

To visit Dorne

Location: Seville, Spain

Recommended hotel: Alfonso XIII 5*

To see the mandrel in reality is in Seville — this city has played the role of luxury in the capital of Dorne, the Sun Spears and Shady city. Moorish arcades and lush gardens, the exotic South of the state, lazily bathing in the sun — it is here that you can fully feel the atmosphere of the southernmost Kingdom of Westeros.

Located in Seville, the hotel Alfonso XIII 5* — the best place to indulge in tranquility, worthy of princes and princesses of the House Martell. A luxury hotel was built on the orders of king Alfonso to accommodate VIP guests of the exhibition of 1929, and today guests of this hotel are really waiting for a Royal and luxurious accommodation, a decent close to the Royal court persons. Fans of ‘a Song of ice and fire” will be able to enjoy the surroundings in style Donskogo Palace and truly luxurious amenities.

To visit the Iron Islands

Location: Ballintoy, Northern Ireland

Recommended hotel: Bushmills Inn

If you want to visit the legendary Iron Islands, located in the Gulf Iron Men — you in Northern Ireland. Harsh land with its rocky landscapes and leaden sea waves shown in the movie, in the real world — harbour Ballintoy, a picturesque fishing village which has been on screens Nordportal.

Stay nearby in hotel Bushmills Inn (located about twenty minutes from Ballintoy) — the hotel is located in the historical coaching Inn, which took its guests back in 1600-ies. In this hotel you will find comfort, excellent accommodation, delicious food, spirits from local distilleries. Vintage entourage a lot, but not too — so much to experience the unmatched flavor of Old Ireland and the spirit of the most severe land of Westeros, not denying yourself while in the familiar comfort and level of service.

To visit the Black castle

Location: quarry Magheramore, Northern Ireland

Recommend hotel: Ballygally Castle Hotel 4*

In Northern Ireland you can see another key place “Game of thrones” — castle Black the Night's Watch. Abandoned limestone quarry Magheramore got a chance for a second life in 2014, when here came the crew of the series, and warehouses turned into barracks the Night's Watch.

Travelers departing on the filming locations of your favorite series, we naturally offer to stay out of those "barracks", and in a quite decent hotel complex nearby — in Ballygally Castle Hotel. In this hotel you will find two nice bonus: first, the hotel is situated in a small castle in 1625 the buildings, shrouded in mystery and legends about ghosts, and second of all, here you will find original serving afternoon tea in the style of “Game of Thrones” — appropriate surroundings and unusual menu that includes including lemon cakes Sansa stark to the little dragon eggs.

To go to Meereen

Location: Split, Croatia

Recommended hotel: Radisson Blu Split 4*

Old Croatian city, Split, “Game of Thrones” became the Meereen — the most Northern city in the Bay of Slavers, and his Bastion — split the fortress of Klis.

Get acquainted with the split and looking for places to light up in the frame better by staying in a hotel complex Radisson Blu Split. Excellent conditions for relaxation, great beach area, excellent service, picturesque views of the sea and the island of brac — it's so easy to feel like one of the masters, indulging in a blissful nichegonedelanya in a luxury resort!

To go beyond the Wall

Location: lake Myvatn, North Iceland.

Recommended hotel: Vogafjós

Desolate lands beyond the Wall, the snowy forests and icy lakes-the habitat of wildlings and White walkers in real life is not as dark as we saw on the screens. To visit the lands beyond the Wall in Northern Iceland, in particular, on lake Myvatn, near which, the scene with the army of mance Rayder, and in the cave Grjotagja, which became thereby a secluded area, where he had a romantic scene with Jon snow and Ygritte.

Stay nearby in hotel Vogafjós — small property offering guests comfortable accommodation and organic food from its own farm, surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful open spaces, forests and mountains. In the winter when everything is covered with sparkling snow caps, really easy to believe that you are on the most wild and mysterious land of Westeros.


Date of publication: 21.09.2016