Freedom of choice
Freedom of choice

Where to relax in 2016? Travel ideas


Want to have unforgettable vacation in some far away, but amazingly beautiful country, experience the culture, traditions and customs of other Nations?

In the world there are many States that are full of attractions-both natural and man-made, has beautiful beaches, majestic mountains and endless valleys. Ancient cities with thousands years of history, side by side with modern cities, built over several decades, a unique culture exists side by side with very advanced technology and scientific achievements.

We have prepared a list of ideas for travel that will help to determine the choice of those tourists who are already tired of the Sunny beaches of Turkey and Egypt, and the soul asks of new experiences and exciting discoveries. Our today's guide for the traveler will tell you about the exotic, the tropics, incendiary dances, the serenely beautiful land of mysterious legends. To choose really is that even the most sophisticated traveler!

Bosnia and Herzegovina

One of the most beautiful countries in the world, Bosnia and Herzegovina, not as well known as its neighboring Croatia and Montenegro. Due to this, you will not face endless crowds of tourists — big not spoiled by tourism like many popular tourist destinations. An amazing country with a rich history and incredibly beautiful scenery, majestic castles and fortresses.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina there are excellent ski resorts, clean beaches, mountain resort — you'll be able to choose a holiday to taste. The state has long been in the power of the Ottoman Empire that left a tangible imprint on everyone — from culture to architecture. Visit the traditional Oriental bazaars, visit the old Turkish fortresses and unique museums and be sure to try the local cuisine, which is a strange mixture of Turkish, Arabic and Mediterranean, German and South Slavic culinary traditions.

Visa to Bosnia and Herzegovina for the Ukrainians don't need visa-free entry for up to 30 days.


Ireland — a picturesque land of green pastures, rough sea, endless torrential rains, and infinitely friendly people.

The Irish feel comfortable only in that case if everyone's happy. Yes, all of it. Everything. And no exceptions can not be, therefore, your happiness will take care of mandatory. Recipes of happiness in Ireland may be different, but almost always they include whiskey, beer, great juicy meat in a large number — that here in any way.

And yet Ireland is full of legends — magical, beautiful, incredible, dark and even terrible. But what can you do — so is a country with a grim, but very interesting Celtic heritage.

Visa to Ireland for the citizens of Ukraine is required, it is possible to enter the country on a valid UK visa.

Patagonia, Chile

If you want to visit the famous “the Edge” — feel free to buy a ticket to Patagonia. Amazingly outlandish variety of the land is in the very South of South America — is really on the edge of the earth. The nature of Patagonia is so diverse, how is it even possible to imagine — the mountains and rivers, lakes and fjords, glaciers and endless steppe plains (the famous pampas, who both wanted to go the geographer of the "Golden calf").

Here you will find a moist cool climate, high winds and a variety of birds-from penguins to flamingos. And even in Patagonia you can see sea lions — they often rest on the coasts. What can I say — nature in all its pristine beauty, which will help you to forget that there are offices and cities with skyscrapers.

By the way, if you decide to try yourself in the role of a fearless traveler who went to the meeting with the harsh wildlife, be sure to visit the natural reserve of Torres del Paine, where you will find an abundance of local flora and fauna, picturesque landscapes and plenty of amazing plants — from cypresses and beeches to unique orchids.

Visa to Chile for citizens of Ukraine is not required, provided stay in the country up to 90 days.


The Kingdom of Morocco — a fantastic country in which to our days well preserved ancient Arab tradition and culture with which foreign visitors can get acquainted slowly, thoughtfully and tastefully, not denying yourself while in the familiar comfort. Yes, of course, there are certain rules and must comply with, for example, not to show people the extra emotions and to not wear revealing or provocative clothes — Morocco is still an Islamic country. Also, if you don't want to offend anyone, you should definitely get acquainted with the traditions and rules of conduct in the Kingdom — there are a lot of features.

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In General, in Morocco you will find a lot of bright impressions, amazing attractions, a traditional Arab goods and Oriental delicacies, so learn to bargain, because without this art Bazaar is simply nothing to do!

Visa to Morocco Ukrainians you must register in advance.


Beautiful Sunny Cuba, filled with the rhythms of Pachanga, bugalu and salsa, wrapped in smoke the famous Cuban cigars and aroma equally famous classic Cuban rum — it is incredibly colorful, versatile and, of course, incredibly interesting. Every traveler finds something different and special, close to heart — history, culture, traditions, cuisine, partying from dusk until dawn… a fascinating country with a rich past, in which live not less amazing people.

Some noteworthy beaches in Cuba, with their fine white sand and gorgeous scuba diving in the Caribbean sea. Yes, and here is found the famous blue Marlin. So, fishermen go for the dream?

Visa to Cuba for the Ukrainians required.


Date of publication: 10.03.2016