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Festivals Vinobrani in Prague


September in the Czech Republic — this time holding the traditional festival “Vinobrani” — holiday of young wine.

Almost the entire September, the inhabitants and visitors to Prague can enjoy a variety of events dedicated to Czech wines and try the products of local wineries, including Burchak — drink from the begun to ferment grape must, which the Czechs love not only for good taste but also for useful for body cleansing properties.

We have prepared for you information about festivals “Vinobrani" Prague — fairs, tastings, exhibitions and festive events that you can visit during your vacation in the Czech capital in the first month of autumn. Entrance to most of the events free.

“Vinobrani” near the shopping center Eden

For seven years on the square near the Mall Eden festival “Vinobrani”, during which the festival visitors can try the famous Czech young wine and different wines produced in the top 12 in the country distilleries. A winery whose products are represented at the festival, selects the jury of the prestigious contest of Král Vín.

In 2016, when you buy an entrance ticket, every visitor of the event receives a personal glass glass for tastings, a catalog of wines presented at the festival, and a pencil for making notes. The number of unlimited tasting. To entertain the guests of the festival will be musicians and comedians.

Trojské vinobraní

In the Park, the Troja castle festival “Vinobrani” is held for the eighteenth time. Guests will find a huge number of wine booths, stalls with delicacies and traditional Czech appetizers, great entertainment with theatrical and circus performances, live music, dancing and contests. People can also visit the castle wine cellars, taste the wines and visit the wine seminar.

Vinobraní v Botanické zahradě (festival in the Botanical garden)

The two-day wine festival in the Botanical garden of Prague, located near the Troja castle. Since the entrance ticket is valid for both the festival, it will be very convenient for travelers who want to visit both in one day. The organizers promise lots of music, dance performances and, of course, delicious high-quality wines. Drinks will be presented from the vineyards of St. Clara.

Monastic “Vinobrani" (Vinobraní v klášteře)

The monastery of Saint Charles Bromistogo will be hosting the traditional “Vinobrani” for the third time — the first such festival was held here in 2014. Interesting program, great selection of delicacies, young wines and fermented wine, wine and great atmosphere — this is what awaits guests at this special day!

Svatováclavská pouť na Proseku

Holiday near the entrance to the Park Podviní to last four days, the guest will have to wait for the fair, concerts, plays, wine tasting, attractions for children and many interesting activities. In the evening of the last day of the festival will be big fireworks.

Vinohradské vinobraní (the festival on the square Jiřího z Poděbrad)

Concerts of popular Czech bands, organic food and traditional specialities, large choice of wine and more than ten kinds of Burchak — a real feast for those who want to experience the local flavor, to relax, to taste the delicious wine and buy yourself a few bottles of any beverage. By the way, will be also be entertainment for children — performances, music, entertainment, lots of fun contests and sweets definitely will not leave anyone indifferent little guest of this celebration of life.

Radotínské burčákobraní (the Festival of young wine in Radotin)

Large selection of young fermented wine from winemakers from different regions of the Czech Republic, and many varieties of cheeses, meat delicacies and traditional snacks will please the body, and music, dancing and a great atmosphere of celebration — the soul. Children can enjoy candy, games, theatrical performances and reading fairy tales.

Kbelské posvícení

Like medieval? Festival of abundance and fertility will delight you with colorful entertainment in a medieval-style fire show, jousting tournaments, theatrical performances, folk music and a costume parade. To watch it all and even take part, almost not looking up from tasting the young wine, classical wines, Beers, cheeses, smoked meats and a variety of snacks. End the evening with a concert and fireworks.

“Vinobrani” at Prague Castle

Combine a visit to the Royal garden of Prague Castle with a tasting of young wines and a rich entertainment program. Entertain guests will be a historical fencing performances of folk music groups and theatrical performances. Also both days everyone will be able to visit the castle hothouses and gardens, which are grown thousands of flowers for the presidential residence.

Vinobraní na Grébovce, part 1

Festival Vinobrani on Grabovci in 2016 will consist of two parts. On the first day of the festival festival will be held at Peace square, and on the second day the event will move to the Park havlíčkovy sady. Knights tournament, medieval music performed dressed in ancient costumes of musicians and contemporary music hits, dancing, lots of food, good wines and traditional fermented wine.

Vinobraní na Grébovce, part 2

The second day of the celebration Vinobrani on Grabovci will take place in the vineyards Havlickovy gardens. Wine and young wine that can taste and buy here holiday guests, made from local grapes. In addition to alcohol in tents and pavilions will be sold a variety of delicacies, snacks and simply delicious food, also here you can buy Souvenirs, household items and local crafts. For entertainment, visitors will enjoy theatrical shows, concerts, competitions, fancy-dress performances, folk music and a colorful procession of witches.

Kunratické vinobraní

Wine festival “Vinobrani” near the castle Kunratice will delight your guests more than 150 wines and fermented wine, huge selection of meats, sausages, cheeses, snacks and sweets, wine tastings, live entertainment, contests and a fire show. Separate area with qualified educators will be equipped for children — kids will find a lot of entertainment and treats.

Vysočanské vinobraní u Bobové dráhy

Festival of young wine by the bobsleigh track Prosek area is organized by vineyard Máchalka, wine and young wine, which will be presented here, made from local grapes. In addition, there will be an ancient rite called "mountain closure", which will make the local winemakers.

Malostranské vinobraní

Holiday «Vinobrani» on the Kampa island offers delicious food, a good selection of wine and fermented wine, traditional Czech music and a tour of the grape harvest.

Svatováclavské vinobraní

Another wine festival at Prague Castle will be held in late September in the territory of one of the oldest vineyards in the country — Svatováclavská vinice (St. Wenceslas vineyard). The best grapes, breathtaking panoramic views of Prague, a tour of the distillery with monitoring the work of an ancient hand grape presses, colourful representation of a medieval style jousting tournaments, music, dancing — and this is only part of what will be able to see the holiday guests. A fine wine and an abundance of delicious food will make your visit to the festival an even better experience.

Břevnovské posvícení

A huge fair with rides for children, entertainment programs for adults, tastings and music. Here you can taste and buy different types of wines, young wine, farm products and ready meals traditional Czech cuisine. The festival is the harvest festival and wine at the Břevnov monastery in 2016 will be held in the 23rd time.


Date of publication: 31.08.2016