Freedom of choice
Freedom of choice

The savings in travel simple tips


Probably each of us knows the situation when, during the parsing of suitcases after staying formed as a whole mountain of Souvenirs and things that were so enthusiastically purchased while on vacation and after coming back when you look at them in my head spinning one thought: “why did I buy it?”.

It is no secret that while traveling we differently look at the world, and all that surrounds us is perceived in a very special way — such a festive mood from childhood. Naturally, the wide variety of products, services, Souvenirs, treats etc which we were presented during a vacation, the maximum perceived favorably, and as a result the total cost of travel is pretty impressive, much more than planned.

How to save money travelling? Besides the obvious advice-don't buy unnecessary — we have prepared for you a list of useful recommendations which will help you to save money, indulging in the simple joys and pleasures, namely those that make a vacation pleasant and carefree.

Save on insurance

Travel insurance — a very useful thing, the choice of which often are overlooked. Usually, most tourists opt for the insurance on the principle of “the cheaper the better”, but this approach can lead to rather unpleasant consequences. The meaning of the insurance policy is not available, and the guarantees that it provides — warranty time to provide the skilled medical care provided medications, and, most importantly, paying the bills for medical care during travel.

What could be worse than to be in a difficult situation in a foreign country? Is it only to detect the failure of the acquired policy to cover the costs of medical care due to the fact that the injury is not insured, or due to too small amount of insurance coverage.

How to avoid it: carefully choose the insurance company and type of policy, read the insurance terms and conditions and a list of insurance claims. If you plan to play sports during activities such as skiing, make it a sports travel insurance policy.

How to save on Luggage?

Many tourists, especially women, do not see anything wrong in taking “reserve” things. The jacket in case of bad weather and another — if it is cool but not very cold. And tighter jeans. Two. And another pair of shoes to them. And this wonderful hoodie with a smiley face. And a few dresses for walks. And always the beautiful dress for going out to a restaurant or to a concert. And here… And…

In the end, the money at least is clogged, and as a maximum — it is joined by another bag. In the end we get a big fee for overweight Luggage or extra bags. And even if on the way there the weight and size of suitcases fit into the established framework, then on the way back, after compaction of all the new things and gifts — is not the fact.

Remember that hotels usually have a Laundry, and their services often cost much cheaper than the tax for excess baggage.

VIP Lounges of airlines

Modern VIP Lounges of many airlines no longer correspond to the fact exclusive, premium image, which was. Minimalist atmosphere without any frills, formulaic interiors and quite normal level of service — this is what awaits passengers in most cases. And if you add to this an impressive number of people (to get here can any passengers, having paid entrance), the pleasure of waiting for your flight here the outcome is rather dubious. At some airports, of course, everything is real at the highest level, but sometimes the result does not justify the means, so better to clarify which VIP lounge at the airport to understand if it's worth a visit.

How to save on food during the journey

Cafes and restaurants, oriented to tourists, offer often overpriced check, and the crowds of noisy travellers also do not have to rest in a calm atmosphere. Want to eat delicious, comfortable, cheap, and even enjoying the situation and the real local flavor? Choose those places that locals go. Can you recommend a good non-touristy place, the locals can, so don't hesitate to ask them for advice.

Expensive cheap taxi

Illegal taxi usually offer prices much lower than official, but the savings could be just as dangerous — at least you don't include a counter to call an inflated price, or take roundabout way to lengthen the route as high — can even Rob. Before you get in the car, make sure that the car has the logo of the company and that he read that there is a sign with the rates and so on. If the car is parked separately from the other taxi, and away from police patrols — the obvious conclusions, I think, can be done immediately.

Tour guides at airports

Smiling guides in a smart uniform, welcomed the crowd of foreign tourists, promising to show all the most beautiful sights, interesting sights and the best stores for shopping, but in fact they carry you will mainly only those shopping centers and hotels, from whom they receive encouragement for the customers. Attractions shown they, too, may not be the most interesting, as they are not the main purpose of such “tours”.

The savings in exchange rates

How many years everyone knows the saying about free cheese and a mousetrap, but still time after time trusting people get burned in the pursuit of a deceptively attractive. One of these failed ideas — the exchange of money on hand or in the illegal exchange offices. Well, if you are offered a very attractive exchange — is an occasion to reflect. And, most likely, to reflect on how you are going to cheat — palming off fake notes, “doll” with cut paper, simply taking away the money or something. Selection, agree, large.

To get the prospect to remain without money you are not affected before you travel be sure to check out the rates of currency exchange in the country to which you are planning to go and see the nearest to the airport or your hotel banks. Pay a small Commission is better than to lose money, isn't it?

Bill in restaurants

Some restaurants practice increasing score, adding that the visitors did not order, for example, a bread basket or water. So if you put on the table what was not in order, it is better to politely refuse. Another major waste of alcohol can be in some countries. In India, for example, has a very high tax on alcohol, which the usual cocktail in the restaurant could grow to $10 - $15.


Date of publication: 23.12.2015