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Venice sights that are worth seeing


Venice today – one of the most popular and most visited tourist cities in the world, who proudly call one of the most beautiful, mysterious and incredibly romantic cities in the world.

Just like the Vatican in Italy is called a state within a state, the sights of Venice can be called a lot of amazing architectural and historical monuments located inside one of the big attractions-unique and one of a kind ancient city on the water.

A large part of the neighborhoods, architectural complexes and palaces so picturesque and unusual that each of them could become a real tourist attraction for any city of Europe, but they are all located here. So to see more than one hundred ten unique natural and man-made monuments can be during a single trip around Venice – big, but incredibly interesting.

Description the city of Venice, considering the quantity and uniqueness, can be infinitely long, but we've chosen five of the most beautiful, popular and a very interesting one. Therefore, if you plan in the near future to go on vacation to Venice, our little guide to attractions may be useful to you in planning your travel itinerary to this ancient city of love.

1. Piazza San Marco

The Piazza San Marco in Venice (St. Mark's square) - one of the most famous sights of the city on the water. Today St. Mark's square consists of two zones: the Piazza and Piazzetta.

Created in the early ninth century, several times she changed, expanded, and by the end of XII century, I found almost the same shapes and sizes, which we can see here now.

For many centuries it housed the residence of the leadership of the Venetian Republic and the highest ranks of the Church, the famous Plaza were many holidays and festivals, including the famous carnival of Venice.

2. Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo

Miniature Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo 1499 built – this is one of the most beautiful pearls of Venice. The architectural complex is located in a secluded part of town, near another popular attraction – the Rialto bridge.

The main feature of the Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo-this is a unique spiral staircase with openwork outdoor colonnade that encircles a high tower of the Palace. An exquisite combination of dark and light shades of cream walls with white arches and railing betrays the Palazzo a special ease and grace, so it can safely be called the most beautiful Palace of Venice.

3. The Accademia gallery

A list of attractions in Venice we've also included a Museum complex, which houses the world's largest collection of paintings by Venetian masters – Gallery of the Academy.

The Accademia gallery of Venice, a unique Museum of art begins its history in the middle of the XVIII century when on the initiative of Giovanni Battista Piazzetta the Senate was established by the Venetian Academy of fine arts.

The art fans will appreciate the magnificent exhibition of paintings by Titian, Giovanni Battista Piazzetta, Lorenzo Lotto, Giorgione, Giovanni Bellini and many other great artists. Expositions of the Museum are arranged in chronological order, but from time to time it hosts exhibitions of painting.

4. Rialto bridge

If you see the photos of Venice, and see them on the bridge, with a very high probability we can say that this is the Rialto bridge-one of the most beautiful and famous bridges of the city on the water.

Ponte di Rialto until 1854 was the only bridge in Venice (not counting the wooden bridge Arsenal), connecting the banks of the Grand Canal. Initially, the Rialto Bridge was also built of wood, but due to several fires that completely destroy this so useful to the inhabitants of medieval Venice landmark, the structure was built of stone, and to our day it has come down in this form.

5. Ka’ d’Oro, or the Palace of Santa Sofia

Palazzo Santa Sofia, or, as it is called, Ka' d’Oro — is one of the oldest and most beautiful palaces of Venice. At the time this residence was built on order of the Contarini family, and since it was built (XV century), architectural ensemble underwent a number of forced changes and rearrangements in connection with partial destruction of the fires.

Many centuries ago this Palace, designed in the Venetian Gothic style, was named “Golden” — its facade was decorated with gold leaf, painted with vermilion and ultramarine, but until today this rich finish, unfortunately, not preserved.

In fact it's not even all the main sights of Venice – to tell about them can be long and very detail. The Doge's Palace and Loretta, the Church of San Giacometo and Cafes «Florian» of the Clock tower of St. Mark and the Palace with galleries and Fondaco dei Turchi-this is only a tiny part of the luxury historic and architectural heritage of Venice, so the best way to get to know them – to see Venice in person!


Date of publication: 17.11.2014