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What to see in Dubai? Top 10


Dubai — it is really a fantastic city.

Created almost in the wilderness on the site of a small settlement just a few decades, and today it is the most luxurious, modern and expensive city in the world, which is a dream of every traveler.

You haven't seen the lions and cheetahs on a leash, Golden rolls-Royce gold-plated buildings and shining skyscrapers hundreds and hundreds of metres? Then you should definitely go to Dubai!

We have prepared for you a list of ten reasons for which you should visit in Dubai: attractions, features and unique entertainment that you can try only here.

1. Dubai shopping malls

All true shopaholics know that one of the best cities in the world for shopping — is exactly Dubai. Many shopping centers, boutiques and malls are able to realize the wishes of even the most discerning fans of great shopping.

Here you can buy everything — from exclusive jewelry and super-trendy designer clothing to household goods and children's items. During a hike in this Paradise for shopaholics, be sure to check out for exotic impressions in local specialty boutiques that sell cloaks Abaya-the traditional black outerwear Islamic women.

2. Gold Souk Dubai

I love the gold markets of Dubai, is a magnificent combination of cheap jewelry, high quality and opportunity to bargain.

In the UAE are very fond of gold, so there is not only the gold markets, but at separate shopping centres, fully dedicated to all kinds of jewelry. The most famous of them — Gold & Diamond Park in Dubai, 80 of the jewelry boutiques where you can buy not only ready-made jewelry, but gold bullion and unmounted precious stones.

3. Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab, a skyscraper in the shape of the sail of the Arab Dhow ship, located in the sea near the coast, was a symbol of Dubai for nearly a decade. It was created with the aim to impress the world, and the world was really amazed — innovative solutions in architecture, magnificent luxury and the highest level of service in hotels and restaurants Burj-al-Arab made the skyscraper a tourist Mecca for many years.

The height of Burj Al Arab — 321 meters. The cost of living in the most luxurious Suite of the hotel complex is $20,000 per night.

4. Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah-an artificial island created in the shape of the prisoner in the Crescent of the palm-tree, — one of the most striking landmarks of Dubai. On this artificial island located luxury hotels, serviced residences and a resort area for vacationers. Of course, the pleasure to rest here is not cheap, but the experience will give you accommodation on the island of Palm Jumeirah is really worth every spent on them cents.

5. Desert Safari Dubai

What could be bole bright and adrenaline than a Safari in the Dubai desert on a powerful SUV? Take as passengers the part in this exotic fun and feel the excitement from conquering the high dunes and dunes! Unrestrained race suit in the desert professional drivers will give you incredible excitement and enjoyment from the trip.

After the tour, you can enjoy traditional Arabian dinner, to see the performance of Eastern  dancers and camel rides.

6. Golf in Dubai

Golf in Dubai — it's cheap entertainment, and to afford it here, not everyone can. The city has several professional clubs for Golf which you will be able to offer different in size, number of holes, the coverage and complexity of the water obstacles of the field.

In these clubs the Golf courses is provided by high level care, so that they are consistent with their level on those sites, which are carried out international competitions and championship Golf.

The cost of a round at the Golf clubs of Dubai starts from $ 200 per player, and for all participants without exception enforces a strict dress code: the game may only participants in trousers and Polo shirts (players in sports, beach clothes and shorts are not permitted to play).

7. Dubai beaches

Pretty hot climate in the UAE especially has a beach holiday and the beaches in Dubai that really deserve the title of  the best in the world, capable of rest to provide at the highest level. The best beaches in Dubai located in Jumeirah, but have access only to guests of the hotels located on this strip.

If you are staying in any other hotel of Dubai, go to  Kite Beach or Jumeirah Beach Park — this is a very beautiful and popular urban recreation areas.

8. Champagne in the restaurants of Dubai

Islamic countries usually do not permit alcohol consumption, but this popular upmarket region as Dubai can afford some deviations from the rules. Here alcoholic beverages are allowed only in restaurants at hotels.

In the restaurants of Dubai on Fridays, you can make a custom order: champagne brunch. Hotel guests who book this menu item, get to the exquisite dishes served for brunch, unlimited champagne Laurent Perrier and Moët.

9. Cheap food and fast food outlets in Dubai

Despite the fact that Dubai is one of the most fashionable cities in the world, it has a large number of ordinary people, much of which is fairly low-paid migrants. It is logical that high-end restaurants and luxury boutiques of designer clothes — not exactly those places that eats and makes a purchase, this part of population of Dubai.

As for dining, there are a lot of cafes, restaurants and networking quality fast food, prices in which will appreciate its availability, and menu — abundance and diversity. Most of these restaurants are located in Al Dhiyafah Road. Go here for a bite to eat or a hearty meal excellently prepared traditional dishes from different Eastern countries for only $10—15.

10. Pools Hatta

One of the most original attractions of the mountain resort-the oasis of Hatta, located about 100 kilometers from Dubai-Hatta Pools, the natural pools of Hatta. Small natural gorges in the rock, filled with pure rain water and underground water sources look fantastic. Just 90 minutes drive from Dubai takes you with this amazing wonder of nature. By the way, close to ancient sights the Hutt — a defensive tower "Two stars" of the Palace of Sheikh Maktoum, the ancient home of this Arab village, and many others.

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Date of publication: 06.02.2015