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Biggest carnival in nice


Still don't know where to go with your loved one on Valentine's Day?

Then you will find a nice, which is February 14, 2014 will open its traditional two-week carnival!

A sea of flowers, colours and a festive mood, a mysterious carnival masks, fire show and fireworks in one of the most beautiful cities in France – what could be better for lovers?

Traditional carnival in nice – it's very bright and colorful event that you just can't miss. 15 days, from 14 February to 4 March in the French city will host a Carnaval de Nice-one of the most significant events on the French Riviera. By the way, nice carnival – this is one of the largest and oldest traditional carnival, which is held here annually since the 13th century. Look at this nice festival annually attracts about a million tourists.

Carnaval de Nice 2014 will focus on French cuisine, so the name of the festival this year will be appropriate – “King of gastronomy”.

This theme chosen by the organizers not by chance-delicious French food has long been a striking symbol of tourism of nice. By the way, this year's tourists-gourmets will appreciate the new restaurants in nice, open under the label of “nice Kitchen, respect for tradition”.

With regard to the programme of the event, this year's carnival will delight its audience with their traditional flower battle.

Flower battle in nice is very colorful – according to the city passing a few dozen decorated with fresh flowers-platforms with which the participants of the carnival will scatter over a crowd of thousands of flowering branches of Mimosa.

Decoration carnival in nice platforms – this is another special tradition – hundreds of French florists and designers painstaking work on the creation of unique floral arrangements and fancy costumes for parties, competing with each other in creativity and unusual design.

Only the decoration of carnival in 2014 it is planned to spend 4 thousand colors, and shedding viewers will be allocated about 5 tons a blossoming Mimosa.

At the Banquet platforms will follow the parade of dancers, musicians and actors, joined by dressed in festive costumes and carnival masks citizens.

By the evening of the first day of carnival, the famous place Massena will be filled with 150 thousands of festive lights. To the Carnaval de Nice will be here erected a temporary precast stadium and surrounding buildings will be covered by the special scenery of 120 thousand square meters of plywood, painted by hand by local artists. The process of painting and decoration area, too, has its own traditions and is a very fun and noisy.

The venue of the 2014 Carnaval de Nice and its famous flower battles will remain unchanged – events will be held on the famous promenade des Anglais.

Every day on the streets of nice will ride decorated with flowers and ribbons carts with giant carnival puppets made of papier-mache – the main characters of the Carnival. Dolls are really just huge and not notice them is simply impossible – vivid designs reach a height of 12 meters and typically weigh about 2 tons.

Apart from the main parades will be mandatory daytime and nighttime parades, with the participation of king carnival and his Queen, which will elect the evening of the first day of the festivities. And in the evenings, the flower show replaced spectacular fireworks and concert programs.


Date of publication: 08.01.2014