Полный список мероприятий в Львове

ROXOLANA. Благодійний тур «Тримайся»
09.07.2022 18:00
Львів, !FESTrepublic
200-200 UAH
Про що мовчать чоловіки або Дикун Forever....
15.07.2022 18:00
Львів, !FESTrepublic
300-450 UAH
Шампанські очі 2.0
17.08.2022 19:00
Львів, Территория !FESTrepublic
390-670 UAH
Концерты, Акция!
26.08.2022 19:00
Львів, Малевич: concert arena & night...
10-600 UAH
Театры, 8 марта
Жінка над нами
09.09.2022 19:00
Львів, Палац культури залізничників «Рокс»
250-450 UAH
Степан Гіга. Золоті шлягери України
04.10.2022 19:30
Львів, Національний український драматичний...
200-550 UAH
Концерты, Клубы
Nothing But Thieves
02.11.2022 20:00
Львів, Malevich Concert Arena
1199-3899 UAH
Uriah Heep
10.11.2022 19:00
Львів, Львівський театр опери та балету
640-2590 UAH
Alessandro Safina
06.12.2022 19:00
Львів, Львівський театр опери та балету
590-2690 UAH
Оля Цибульська. «До Дня Матері»
14.05.2023 17:00
Львів, Ennio Event Square
250-420 UAH

Do you want to attend a concert, a performance or another event in Lviv? On the site Online Tickets you can get acquainted with the poster and order tickets for any event of cultural life of the city that interests you.

On this page you will find all the events in Lviv for the near future - concerts and theater productions, trainings and seminars, festivals and excursions. To find out the exact place and time of the event, click on the "buy" button. On the opened page you will see detailed information about this performance, here you can buy tickets for a concert in Lviv.

On the page of each event there is an interactive scheme of the auditorium, on which already marked, sold and reserved seats are marked with different colors. If the format of the event does not imply a fixed placement of spectators, rectangular zones will be marked on the scheme, combining tickets of the same type and price category, for example, places in the camping at an open festival or tickets to a fan zone.

Clicking on the desired sector, you place a ticket to this place in the basket. To continue booking, log in on the site if you are already an Online Tickets customer, or specify the information required for registration, and click the "Next" button.

Please note that events of different formats provide for different periods of free reservation of seats - from 15 minutes to 96 hours. For example, a voucher for a sightseeing tour needs to be paid within 15 minutes, whereas the tickets you have chosen for theaters in Lviv will be free for up to four days. If after this time the tickets are not paid for, the reservation will be automatically canceled and the seats will be returned for sale.

After payment, the ticket for the concert in Lviv will appear in the service "My ticket" in the booking section of events, and it will be automatically sent to the mail you specified when registering on the site. An electronic ticket for a concert does not require a visit to physical cash registers in Lviv for exchange for a regular entrance ticket - just print out the received document and present it at the entrance to the territory of the event.

The sale of tickets for concerts in Lviv is closed when the vacant seats for the event end, or after the actual beginning of the concert, also the sale can be suspended at the decision of the organizers of the event.