Полный список мероприятий в Днепре

In Dnipro every day there are various events - concerts and performances, quests and excursions, seminars and Stand-up shows. Colorful events of the world of music and art unfold in theaters, the philharmonic society, in the building of the state circus and popular nightclubs, on open areas and even outside the city limits.

On the Online Tickets site you can buy tickets for a concert in the Dnieper both in advance and just before the show starts. The electronic ticket is very convenient to use - it does not require a visit to the physical ticket office, exchange for an ordinary paper ticket or any other additional activities. You only need to print it out and present it at the entrance to the territory of the concert.

You can book tickets to the Dnipro Theater without payment for up to four days, if after this time the order is not paid, the reservation will be automatically canceled and the seats will be returned for sale.

Important! For events of different formats, the period of free reservation may differ!

After booking, an e-mail will be sent to the e-mail specified at the time of registration, in which the name of the event chosen by you, date and time of the beginning, seat number, cost of each ticket in the order and the deadline for payment will be indicated.

You can pay for tickets ordered for a concert in the Dnieper in any convenient way for you - via Privat24, by bank card, in cash or through the terminal. After payment, the electronic ticket in PDF format will be sent to you by post and appear in your personal service "My ticket" - download and print the received document.

Tickets for concerts in the Dnieper are closed before the event, if there are no empty seats in the auditorium.