Freedom of choice
Freedom of choice

Scoreboard of airport Amook

On the website Online Tickets you can watch the online scoreboard airport Amook - Amook and read all flights that arrive and depart from this air port. Separately posted two lists of flights departing from this airport and arriving in him. To open the desired list, select the appropriate item in the search parameters.

Users of the site available to search exact information about the flights that pass through the airport, Amook you can choose different dates to which you want to look at screens at the airport, and specify the exact period of time. Flight schedule for preset parameters is displayed by pressing the button Find.

We recommend you to pay attention that the information about flights at the airport Amook display of departure and arrival Amook provided by the airline and some flight data may be provided with a small delay.

In the schedule there are three status: arrived has already been done for air travel, route for aircraft that are still flying, and scheduled for a planned, but not implemented operations. Also the schedule of flights airport Amook can be submitted special notes in time, delayed and cancelled they will help to Orient in the time of departure and arrival of aircraft.