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The parade of firemen in Tokyo


January 6, 2014 in Tokyo will be a traditional parade of firefighters – Dezome-Shiki.

This unusual event, which annually attracts crowds of tourists, can safely be called one of the most interesting and unusual events in the life of the Japanese capital.

As reported on the official website of the fire Department of Tokyo, the story of the parade of firefighters in Japan began in the 17th century. Then, after several major fires that caused severe damage to Tokyo, with the approval of the authorities was founded this festival.

The fire parade was to remind the citizens about the dangers of fire so they adopted timely precautions. And for those who are struggling with this burning element, the parade became a traditional competition in which they demonstrated their agility and skill in fighting the fire.

Today, as centuries ago, a fire festival in Tokyo begins with a visit to the Shrine of Ueno Toshogu where the marchers are asking for gods protection from fire. In 2014, the festivities begin with the ceremonial parade of fire troops of Japan, which will take about five thousand people, 200 cars fire engines and helicopters.

After that, the audience will see the masterful demonstration of modern methods and techniques of fire fighting. A special role in the parade, Dezome-Shiki will be assigned to a unit specializing in the rescue and providing first aid to people affected during natural disasters.

Viewers will also be able to see an awesome play with a simulated earthquake and huge cranes. In the final of the festival there will be actors dressed in the style of firefighters of the Edo period who will perform various acrobatics on the high ladders of bamboo, used for fighting fires in the 17th century.

Event Time, Dezome-Shiki: January 6, 2014, from 9:30 to 12:00.

Location: Japan, Tokyo, near the exhibition center Tokyo Big Sight.

Ticket Price: free admission.

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Date of publication: 03.01.2014

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