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Unusual tours from AmaWaterways


Limited Edition Tours – new ekskursionnye tours from the company AmaWaterways. They are intended for those tourists who wish to see other countries from a new perspective and gain a deeper understanding of local culture.

If the usual studies of port cities for you too boring, Limited Edition tours will give you a lot of new experiences.

Various themed tours from AmaWaterways will make leisure trips more personalized.

Themes of excursions can be very different: study of local food, discover new dishes and wines, excursions on bicycles, exploring different arts and crafts, and even learning to treasure visited cities together with the locals.

During a tour of the Limited Edition Tours from AmaWaterways tourists can get acquainted with the Vienna coffee houses or local wine cellars, visit of a Portuguese farm that produced tubes and even to study the history of the famous Cologne water.

Among a huge selection of the most unexpected trips you will definitely be able to choose the tour that will bring you the incomparable pleasure and will be remembered for many highlights.

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Date of publication: 07.11.2013

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