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Greece: Factory Of Christmas


Today Greece hosts a Christmas fair – The Christmas Factory.

The complex is located on the territory of the "Technopolis" in the Athens district of Gazi.

The Christmas fair will last exactly a month – 6 December 2013 to 6 January 2014.

During this time the capital's residents and tourists will be able to participate in events and competitions, to visit various shops and kiosks, to taste Christmas treats and, of course,  to enjoy the unique festive atmosphere. Guides for guests “Factory of Christmas” will become Santa Claus and his trusty elves.

Guests of the Christmas fair in Greece offers a variety of attractions, concerts, performances and interesting and delicious culinary events.

But in addition to the usual entertainment that your visitors usually can offer binary Christmas at the fair “The Christmas Factory”, a number of special creative events and promotions. For example, for the first time in Athens, will be held a unique exhibition of ancient Greek technology.

The exhibition is organized by the ‘a Museum of ancient Greek technology” Constantine of Cocanada. It presents many detailed reconstructions of various ancient Greek mechanisms, actively used centuries ago.

Also here for the first time, an exhibition of the collection of toys Nina Karakosta, where guests and tourists can see the exhibition of three thousand copies of toys from all over the world.

But the special festive atmosphere at the fair create real trees – 500 living trees make the country Fairgrounds into a magical winter forest. Under the reforestation programme, which aims to protect the environment, after the completion of the Christmas fair, all these trees will be planted in the ground.

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Date of publication: 06.12.2013

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