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Museum of vermouth in Spain


In September 2014 among the many attractions in the Spanish city of Reus added another tourist attraction in this popular Mediterranean resort city has opened the first Museum in the world of vermouth – Museo del Vermú.

The Museum is housed in an old characteristic mansion Reus, erected on the street Valorables on the project of the modernist architect Pere Caselles at the end of the 19th century.

A little extravagant monumental building, which houses the Museum of vermouth or, as it has been called, the Temple of vermouth, was a good choice for the creators due to its unusual design, evoke a special mood and feeling of the old secret.

Visitors to this unusual alcoholic can learn a lot about the history of this drink, the recipe and the different types of vermouth.

You will also be able to see posted here just a huge collection of variety of vermouths from all over the world, and even to try some varieties.

Now the Museum are more than 5,000 exhibits. Most of them – is a sealed bottle of vermouth, imported from different countries. Some of the instances are very rare and can boast an impressive age.

At the Museo del Vermú is a bar and themed restaurant where visitors can eat, chat and just enjoy the good varieties of flavored fortified wines, of which there are about 50 species.

In the Reus Museum, This is not  was established on the personal initiative of Juan Tapies, a local businessman who collects rare wines of this variety ever since 1982.

The owner of this exclusive collection also produces its own brand of vermouth and ldquo;Corey & raquo;, which guests can taste at the bar Museo del Vermú.

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Date of publication: 09.09.2014

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