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Tourists in Thailand will be protected from jellyfish


Travelers this summer plan to go on holiday to Thailand, you can be calm for your health and safety: the main threat to tourists – poisonous jellyfish – soon to be fully eliminated.

Soon the West coast of Thailand (Koh Mak to Koh Lanta) is created modern system of protection of tourists from the sea wasps  – one of the most dangerous sea inhabitants in the world.

Thai protection from jellyfish involves the installation of strips of networks that will protect swimmers from  falling into the coastal zone, is designed for swimming, these dangerous marine life.

Also on the beaches will be open special acetic station — items for first aid to the victims from contact with sea wasps.

Such precautions and measures to protect the Thai government is taking is not in vain – touch to the box jellyfish can be fatal to humans in some cases. Severe burns, resulting from contact with even small instances of these underwater inhabitants, very unpleasant, and in some cases can even lead to lethal outcome, for example, if the victim is in poor health.

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Date of publication: 16.06.2014

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